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amazing photographer
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Team Ethiopia

We love the Hausam family!  Look what we got in the mail today-- thank you for the thoughtful gift.  We will wear them with pride. :)

We are packing like crazy.  Trying to get a family of 6 ready for a trip to Ethiopia, and gathering as much humanitarian aid as possible, is work--- but ohhhhh so worth it! :)  

Abe, we are coming little man.  


Jocelyn said...

Love the shirts...all you need now is little Abe!!!

Hauswife said...

We are so thrilled for Team Ethiopia! Go get Abe!

Love you all. XO

crazy thorne's said...

Ok those are way to cute!!! Laurie you are way to cool. Love you guys and had a blast last weekend!

Ellen said...

12 days to go!

Please give me a shout if you need help packing! (Or cooking dinner or something!) :)

Oatsvall Team said...

ok, love those shirts ... i literally can't wait for you to leave ... i just know that i will feel a little bit like i am there when you set foot in this precious country ... will texted you now about humanitarian aid ... oatsvall family wants to help !!

rebecca said...

Was just catching up with J-Jo and she gave me your site. Would love to catch up (as if you'll have time!!) But as we are moving forward with our adoptions, we would love to hear any 'words from the wise'. AWOP is one of our final 5 (in terms of picking the agency). If you have the time b/4 you leave, I'd love to chat! If not, we totally understand, best of luck, and we'll catch you on the other side. So excited for your little Abe to find his way home!!
Much love, Rebecca (hurst) Coors

A Team said...

So sweet. Love the shirts!!!



Erica said...

Oh how cute! Love them! Go Team! Get that sweet baby home!

Tracy said...

How awesome that you all are going to get baby Abe! Your presence there with your whole family will be such a blessing to everyone in Ethiopia! Great shirts! :)

The Albertsons said...

So cute!!!
Yall are SO CLOSE to leaving! Praying for you as you prepare... I know it can get hectic!!
many blessings to you...

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