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amazing photographer
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

thank you

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your prayers!! Do I have the sweetest hubby or what to post that for me? I am doing so much better now! :) We head home tomorrow after a wonderful week here in Colorado (even with sickness). The kids did awesome skiing and it was a joy to experience it with each of them.

Yesterday we all skied together as a family, and it was just ONE of those days! It was gorgeous, the sun was shining, perfect snow, and I was just overwhelmed by God's goodness. I can't wait to get our referral, but in that moment, I was very content and thankful.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Pray for Em

Hey..we would all appreciate if you guys could pray for Emily. Bless her heart she feels horrible. Been in bed since we came in this afternoon. Had an AWESOME day. All four kids learned to ski today! It was a glorious ski day, 10" of new powder!! Em skiied the morning, then kinda crashed. Her little body is just tired of being sick, going on two plus weeks now. Thanks for praying for her to get better.
Moody and the kids 
(from Aspen)
Saturday, February 23, 2008

hitting the slopes

We are taking off in the a.m for a family ski trip! Praise the Lord we are all well and super excited about spending a week together in the mountains.  Praying for quick travel dates, court dates and a flurry of referrals while we are away!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

experience overrated?

A friend sent me this video this morning. Is experience really necessary to be the leader of our great country or will charisma and charm get the job done? tell me, I'm interested in what you think!

If politics aren't your thing, go give a big congrats to the Thorne family for their referral!!
Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I like to be a glass half-full kind of girl, so I am going to share the positive side of being confined to bed due to one nasty virus.  The first two days of this bug, I didn't get out of bed, didn't turn on the computer (I lived) and basically slept.  Yesterday I finally felt well enough to move, prop my head up, and surf.

What a guilty pleasure!  When was the last time that you just spent a day clicking from site to site without a care in the world?  S and G were taking care of the kids, and the first time that I looked at a clock it was noon! :) I did impose a mandatory nap for a bit, but I couldn't wait to get back to what I had discovered -- incredible blogs documenting a trip to Uganda with Compassion International.

I remember Melissa telling me about this trip as she is a fan of Rocks in My Dryerone of the bloggers to make the journey to Uganda.  What a great concept.  Invite talented bloggers to visit the Compassion International trenches and raise awareness to what just $32 a month can do in the life of a child.

I spent much of my time on the blog Ragamuffinsoul.  Carlos is a worship leader at a church in Atlanta, and he and his wife made the trip together.  She posted on her blog Whitaker Woman.  

Please watch this video that Carlos took in Uganda and see what a difference this organization is making in the lives of children.  I was blessed by it yesterday and you will be too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Hope each of you have a wonderful day today! I am excited about spending the evening with my Valentine:)

I felt somewhat overwhelmed yesterday, and when Charlie woke up at 3:30 am to throw up, :) I couldn't go back to sleep.  My mind was racing and I was anxious.  I was thinking about things that I have no control over, things that are in the future!  I have realized lately that even though I have said all along that I trust in Him and His perfect timing, I have always thought that His timing would fall in line with what we had figured from the beginning.  Referral after a few months and travel in early Spring.  Now that that is obviously not going to happen, everything that we had planned on is up in the air.

I know this is where He wants us, this is where we really have to depend on Him.  As we look at our calendar for the summer- and everything that we just KNEW we would have the kids for and would for sure be able to do- is now in pencil with a big question mark!  Again, where He has us.

As usual my devo this morning was awesome and perfect for my tired eyes after a fitfill nights sleep.

Do not give in to fear or worry, those robbers of abundant living. Trust Me enough to face problems as they come, rather than trying to anticipate them. (convicting) Fix your eyes on me, the author and perfecter of your faith, and many difficulties on the road ahead will vanish before you reach them.  Whenever you start to feel afraid, remember that I am holding you by your right hand.  Nothing can separate you from My presence!!

Big deep breath!

I feel so much better.  He has gone before and will supply all of my needs.

Hope each of you have a blessed day.  
Monday, February 11, 2008

Bethany and Jeff's son!

I am so excited that another friend found out today that she is a mom (legally speaking, she has been his mama from the first moment she looked at his picture)!! Bethany and Jeff received their travel dates today. He is beautiful-- go see for yourself:) Click here
Sunday, February 10, 2008

nothing original

I'm so thankful for blog friends! I don't have anything new, but I found these today on three of my favorite blogs- check them out!

1. Jana posted a very cool list that you need to read.  Click here to read.

2. Amy shared a wonderful video with Bono. It is worth the time to watch....."what will you d0?"  Watch it here.

3. My brother had an awesome article written about him and his work at Mercy Street this morning in the Dallas Morning News- Melissa posted it here.

Friday, February 8, 2008

little things

"Guys, one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children, is for them to see you loving your wife!!" is something that I remember hearing in our nearly-wed class years ago. I have the blessing of a husband that does indeed love me well, and last night I got to see the fruit of that love in Avery.

Moody and Issy left for the weekend yesterday.  He takes the kids one at a time to various meetings, and they LOVE it! His parents go to these meetings too, so Mim gets to hang out with the child during the day (the reality is that they don't "meet" much at these meetings)!  She looked so old when we dropped them off at the airport.  She was so excited (had her bag and backpack packed for days) and just stood on the curb with a huge smile and a wave!  It made all of us sad to see our baby girl growing up. 

When Moody is away, I let the kids take turns sleeping with me.  Avery got in my bed last night and called me into the room.  "Mommy, daddy left you something under your pillow."  She handed me a sweet note that Moody had written.  I finished reading the note and Avery said, "I have the best daddy ever!!"

He didn't give her a pony, he didn't promise to bring her a treat from the trip, he just loved her mommy! That made her happy, it made her feel secure, and I pray it made her refuse to settle for anything less in her spouse!

I pray Moody and Isabelle have some sweet daddy/daughter time this weekend!  I am also thankful that the Lord has called us to more little ones.  I realized as she was standing on the curb at the airport, that I am not ready to have my kids all grown up! :)  

On an adoption note-- today marks 26 weeks of waiting! I can honestly say that 26 isn't a number that I ever thought we would see, but I am trusting in His perfect timing.  (How many times have I written that??)  He has been faithful to bless me with little things along this journey and for that I am grateful.

For a good perspective on God answering our prayers, please read Melissa's current post. Click here.

Moody just sent me these!! I love it:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"I embody change"

Lori R. found this genius video and I had to borrow it! I am in need of some humor- we are all a bit under the weather here! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

renewing your mind

Another little nugget- do you think the publisher of my devo will get upset that I quote so much of it?? Hope not because I can't help but share it with you!

I am renewing your mind. When your thoughts flow freely, they tend to move toward problems. Your focus gets snagged on a given problem, circling round and round in its attempts to gain mastery.  Your energy is drained away from other matters through this negative focus.  Worst of all, you lose sight of Me.

Praying that our minds would be renewed by Him!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged

I have some really great friends in the blog world! I have been tagged by three of my favorites, Jana, Laurie and Tracie!

8 things that I am passionate about:
1. Jesus
2. My hubby
3. My kids, the 4 already under my roof
4. My two kids in Ethiopia--I can't wait to see your faces
5. Africa
6. Adoption
7. Orphans
8. My support system, family, friends and awesome online buddies!!!

8 things that I want to do before I die:
1. GO TO ETHIOPIA- ok, I want to do that tomorrow!!!
2. Star as Eponine in Les Mis on Broadway-- if you have heard me sing, you laugh, I know!!
3. Skydive
4. Be tri-lingual
5. Have a life-long working relationship with an organization committed to sharing the gospel and changing the lives of those in Africa
6. Live in Bavaria, Germany for a year
7. Become organized
8. Win a gold medal in an Olympic sport, preferably a track and field event 

8 things that I say often:
1. Get down Mo!
2. No, Charlie. Avery let your dog outside, please.
3. Stop throwing the football in the house!!
4. Guys, cut it out
5. Lets go!! Lets go!!
6. Good times, good stuff
7. No, we haven't heard anything yet!
8. I trust you Lord for your good and perfect timing :)

8 t.v shows that I have recently watched:
1. Lost
2. American Idol
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. Amazing Race
5. ER, yes we still watch
6. Office, please end the strike, please!!
7. Hill's, guilty pleasure
8. Grey's Anatomy

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. funny, great sense of humor
2. faithful
3. love Jesus and point me to truth
4. honesty and integrity
5. know my junk and love me still
6. cry with me
7. love my kids
8. enjoy a good margarita or glass of wine

8 things I learned in 2007:
1. That my heart could ache for two kids that I haven't even met
2. That God will indeed supply you with all you need 
3. That the Lord can use your kids to change the make-up of our family
4. That I have more patience than I ever thought possible, by the grace of God
5. That I could love a land that I have never stepped foot on its soil
6. That I would make some amazing friendships and be encouraged by those that I haven't met in person (some I have been blessed to meet, and I can't wait to meet more of you soon!)
7. That I long to see two little ones picture more than just about anything right now
8. Never say never!

I am tagging: Steffany and Keva!!

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