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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 weeks

The blog union was amazing!  It was incredible to look around and see many little Ethiopian beauties everywhere.  I loved meeting new people and hanging out with friends.  What a joy.  The weekend went by really quickly and now we are back home and have about 2 weeks to pull everything together!!

Here are a few pics from lovely California. (I don't have many on my camera and am waiting to get pics from others) The kids are seriously questioning why we live in Texas as it was 107 when we got off the plane. :)

Pam, thank you for being an amazingly gracious hostess to our crew!! It felt like home in many ways being with your crew. :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jocelyn said...

I am so excited to follow your journey to Abe!! 2 weeks will fly by!!!

Lori said...

Two weeks will fly by is right! That list will be a blessing if you use it! I've also got daily lists from a week ago! I can't even imagine having four kiddos to pack for on top of you three!! :0

You're totally crazy! And if you're like me (boy I hope not) you always feel the need to have a few "new somethings" for a trip!

Oh, I'm so excited for you!

I love the FEW (uhhmmm) pictures that you DO have! You must have been too busy having fun to take pics!!


Lori said...

Whats w/the deleted comment? Do you have a crazie??

Holli said...

so fun! I have been the crazy stalking everyones blog to see how the weekend went!!!:) can't wait to see your trip to get Abe!

Rebecca said...

I'm loving all the pictures from the BU and so sad I didn't make it! Looks like you guys had a fun time :)

Hauswife said...

We moped around our house Monday morning knowing you were flying home... What a wonderful time we had with all of you! You six are very dear, and I can hardly wait to see precious little Abe added into your family photos. I wish we could be there at the airport for your homecoming. We'll be there in spirit!

We love you, miss you, and look forward to next time, sister!


Hauswife said...

As soon as I can I'll get a disc to you of the weekend photos. Could you email me the ones from Thursday night, too?

~Laura~ said...

It was great meeting you this past weekend.

Praying the next 2 weeks fly right by.

Natalie Fournet said...

Emily, we are so excited for your family! We look forward to meeting Abe when you return!!!!

The Albertsons said...

SO sad to miss it but glad that you had a great time... thanks for posting the pictures!!! And, I'm SO EXCITED for you... go get that baby...

Kristi J said...

I love the pics...It is so neat seeing all the blog people together that I feel I know...but then I realize I just know everyone from the computer...too funny...Maybe the Tennessee mommas can meet up with you all some time...kristi

Rhea Anne said...

Your Abe is so cute. (Love the hair) I love reading everyone's journey. I found your blog through others. Thanks for sharing. We are adopting from Korea. Just started but can't wait until we are that close to holding our baby girl. Blessings,

Drew Carey Show said...

It was such a treat to meet the Alexander gang last weekend! Now we're looking forward to meeting little Abe too! We're thinking about you guys over these next couple of weeks and can't wait to finally see the entire family together. You guys are wonderful -- and beautiful I might add! The inner/outer variety of beautiful =) So glad you came to the BU! Let's play again soon... XOXO

Misty said...

looks like ya'll had so much fun! check ya'll out in your long sleeve t-shirts :O) we don't get to see that here until november lol

Melissa said...

What a fun time! So glad you got to do this before you leave! Two weeks will be here before you know it!!! Glad you're back!

A Team said...

Hey you!
I miss you so much! It was hard to see the pictures of the blog union. Julie and i were talking about it this morning.
I AM REJOICING THOUGH because her mom's cancer was contained to the uterus. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!

So... I am FREAKING OUT because you are leaving so soon to go to ETH. I am REJOICING. You will be there at the same time as my friend, Karey. Look at my blog (Mize) ... she is gonna be there the SAME TIME.


Oatsvall Team said...

looks like an amazing trip ... so uplifting to be w/new friends and talk about your journeys together ...

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