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amazing photographer
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

cup overflowing

Our church family and friends are amazing!! We spent much of the weekend going through donations and trying to figure out the best way to pack and get them to Ethiopia!!

We have turned our dining room into the central packing station. :)  

Any advice?


Ellen said...

Wow! Does that even include the boxes of stuff in the Church lobby this morning? You're going to have quite a load to get on the plane! KVI won't know what hit 'em!

Misty said...

looks like a mess! who's the organized one in the family?? haha if i lived near i would totally come help with that :O)

Hauswife said...

Awesome! I love that the Lord is blessing Abe's first home through your Church. We bought inexpensive extra-large canvas rucksacks from Target (I think?) to tote everything over. Be sure to call ahead to your airline and ask if they will waive the baggage fee for the ones filled with orphanage donations. And if they say NO, ask again at the ticket counter or check in counter. Luftansa waived our fee and that saved us a BUNDLE!
WOO HOO! What a blessing it is to be bringing so many needed supplies!

Jocelyn said...

I bought HUGE army duffels online...but they have them at army surplus stores too! I packed them to the maximum. I told the guy at the counter what it was for. He waved the extra weight but had to charge me for the length of them.
I had mixed up the things in each bag and when I gave them to Abdissa, I asked that he give some to the orphanage and some to the Thomas Center.
I asked for one empty bag back and used it to bring home all that we bought!!

homeschoolmomrookie said...

I can think of a few of us that would go and carry extra bags.

Oatsvall Team said...

Here is my advice ... take clothes for yourself & family that you can leave for the caregivers or a donation place in Ethiopia .. it will leave room in your suitcase for gifts to bring home for A in the future ... It will also be a nice way to leave clothing that is needed for adults ... i did that both time in China ...

I love how your church family is reaching out !!!!

Annette said...

Two words...private jet.


'becca said...

Was it at hana bay or the lazy river I heard the story of Abe? I am not sure, but I am sure excited for the adventure you all will take so soon! I returned form Rwanda a couple of weeks ago and if all flights connect well, my husband will be home soon. Have fun packing, but more fun traveling. I'll be thinking of you all.
the wife of the fella who works for Kids Across Africa,

A Team said...

Weigh your luggage.
Since you guys have so many people going you can space it out. You each get 2 50lb bags. right?


Jana said...

I am getting really excited for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erica said...

Yeah! Thats awesome your church family is helping out so much!! Very cool! We used rubbermaids to tote our donations over. Taped them shut and put them in those big plastic bags they give you for carseats and such. Worked GREAT! We just left the rubbermaids there for storage and such at the orphan home.

Lynn said...

We used 18 gallon rubbermaid totes (i think) and drilled holes around the edges for those plastic ties (so they could be looked in at security if needed). Tape some extra ties under the lids and they will secure them after they open them. They hold about 50lbs of stuff.

So excited for your family!

HeidiD in CT said...

E, M & kids - it was SO great to meet you all at BU '08. I can't wait to see that first post of you all with Abe. I'm really looking forward to continuing on the best part of the journey with you through your blog. All the best wishes as you travel to get the newest member of your family!! xoxo

Daniel's Mom said...

My name is ALi & I'm beginning our journey to Ethiopia with Gladney! Congrats to you & look at all those donations :) Have a safe trip & I am soooooo excited for your growing family!

Shanna said...

Someone please get over to the Alexander home and help them pack!!! These two otters are going to have TROUBLE!!! BUT that is why you are all so much fun. Love you, Shanna

Jennifer Morgan said...

We can't wait until Abe is home. We are watching and taking notes as to what we will have to do.

Kristi J said...

Girl, I'm watching you and kelly and learning how to do it...I can't wait to hear all about it...I'm so excited for you both, kristi

courtney rose said...

Wow! What an awesome amount of love!

Good luck on the packing- and be sure to let us know how you decide to ship it all. The more ideas to draw from, the better!

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