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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gelila Grace Alexander!

Moody here... All the girls are doing great in Ethiopia!  God is good, the giver of all good things.  He has provided abundantly beyond our needs...once again.  To see the joy on little Gigi's face, the sparkle in her eyes...such a mystery to literally see God fill the void in Gigi's heart and watch her be transformed.  Even yesterday, Emily said there were no smiles, no sparkle, fear.  But we know, that perfect love, casts out all fear.  Thank you Lord for your perfect love, a love I often times don't get, a love we often times weakly try to share.  May we, just like Gigi's smile, proclaim the mystery of Christ (Colossians 4:3) to a world in need.

Thank you for praying and walking this journey with us!  Soli Deo Gloria

Day 1 - just after they brought her from the Thomas Center

 Oh the difference a day makes!!!!!

The two BEST big sisters...ever!!!

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

This is more like it!

By the way...#manweek is going great!  Lots of cheeseburgers, Mission Impossible, basketball and Xbox.  It's all good but we need our women home!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 days!

Christmas is in 4 days.  I get on a plane to bring my daughter home in 4 days!  I have discovered that either one of these would make life full with 6 kids, therapy, etc......but add the two together and it has been extra exciting around here! I will say I am loving this advent season.  As we are preparing our hearts for the coming of the Christ child, our Redeemer, we also prepare our hearts for the addition of our daughter.

This will be my last post from here and I hope to be able to update while in country!

I would really appreciate your prayers for several things:
1. For Gigi, that the Lord would knit her heart to ours.  That she would feel loved, secure and safe.  She has had multiple transitions in her short 17 months.  She has been loved and we are so thankful for the care she has received! Now she needs to learn that we are her family and this is the final stop.

2. For my boys back home.  They are excited about all of the "manly" things they will do without any females in the house.  I keep asking to just make sure Abe's monitor is ON! :)  They will have a blast and Abe and Eyasu will get great care.  I'm blessed to be able to get on the plane and not worry about home.  Moody is staying here with the boys, the girls are making the journey to bring their sister home with me.

3. Travel mercies.  Pray for easy flights.  Pray we are healthy.  Pray for sleep.  Pray this would be a special time for Team Gigi.  I am blessed beyond measure that my 12 and 10 year old girls, my mom, and 2 precious friends are headed to Addis to get my girl.  The ultimate girls trip. :)

We arrive back at DFW on January 1st!  What a way to kick off a New Year.  Moody will have the flight info for those that would like to come meet our girl.  We would love to see you there.  Once we are home we will hole up for a bit.  The boys don't go back to school until the 5th and this will allow us time to bond as a family.  Imagine what this little one is experiencing.......everything is new.  New sights, new smells, new people and it will be overwhelming.  She has also had multiple care givers over the course of her short life.  We will be her fourth transition in 17 months.  It will take time for her to realize that we are family, mom and dad, siblings, etc. rather than just caregivers.  The attachment process is just that, a process.  It takes time.  And we are committed to doing whatever we need to do to make her feel secure and safe.

Thank you to each of you that has walked this journey with us!  We are so humbled and grateful by your encouragement and prayers!  SOLI DEO GLORIA

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Sweet Abe was up off and on all night.  The upside of that situation is it allowed me to check my email frequently throughout the night hoping to get an email from the embassy!  At 1:36 it came.  We had cleared.  Sweet baby girl can come home.

I cried.  Woke up Moody and immediately gave praise to the Lord for this amazing gift!  She is coming home.  We leave on Christmas Day, return the 1st.  What a perfect way to kick off 2012.

Thank you to those who prayed and encouraged us along this road.  Keep praying for those still stuck in the process.  It is hard! Adoption is never easy, but He is good and faithful to fulfill all in His timing.

2And the LORD answered me:
"Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.3For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie.If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

buy a brick, build a school

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