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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am so tired, and not from what you would think!! These Olympics are killing me- I can't get enough.  We are staying up way too late every night and not getting nearly enough done. I have always tended to procrastinate a bit, and it appears that this will be no exception.  I do work better under pressure, unlike some of the athletes that we have been watching. :(

I love all of the background stories on the athletes and the dedication that they each have for their sport!!  They each work so hard and sacrifice so much and it all comes down to their event.  Great t.v viewing for Team Alexander. 

I am off to run some more errands and will prayerfully get a good nights sleep.  Michael Phelps is taking the night, off so I think we will too!


Candy said...

Well, ditto for your mom and dad. We are dying over here. One night you can't sleep because of the awesome men's freestyle relay team and thier great and very exciting victory. Then, last night, the "agony of defeat" as our little gymnast fell apart. So.. we too should be packing, sleep-deprived though we are.
Counting the days, hours and minutes until take-off!

Hauswife said...

At least it's a healthy distraction! :) We've been watching constantly, too.

Franklin said...

Don't worry Emily, you certainly aren't the only one out there staying up late to catch the Olympics. I've been watching them too... there have been some really clutch U.S. performances so far! Let's forget about the disappointments. :(

By the way, have you tried 6 Hour Power? They make energy shots that provide long-lasting energy without the crash. I've been using them as a 'pick me up' during the Olympics and I haven't been tired.

They have zero calories, no sugar, and come in 5 different tasty fruit flavors. Plus they don't end with a crash. Check them out at

I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by commenting on your blog. I work with them, so if you have any questions or anything please send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the drink and if you're no longer feeling tired because of it!

Franklin Keane
Brand Ambassador

Ellen said...

The Olympics are addictive!! I had to make myself go to sleep last night before the womens' gymnastics were over so I could get up early for my new job. :)
And I've really gotten hooked on the swimming this year. I've never watched swimming before because I've always thought it to be boring... I love it now! (Especially since there's no judging envolved. :)

Heidi said...

I too will admit, I am an addict. There I said I am going to go see what happened while I was catching up on blogs :).

Heather said...

I'm right there with you! Staying up WAY too late, my house is a wreck, and we are expecting 4 new little ones ANY day... how responsible are we? Oh well, it's only once every 4 years, or 2 if you count Winter Olympics. I love a good human interest story...
Good Luck Packing,

Jess said...

Oh My Goodness! Me too!!!! I am an Olympic NUT!!! Glad I am not the only one.

Kelly, Mom to the Putty's said...

I love hearing about other procrastinaters. I work much better last minute. So I'll pack probably the day before we leave. How's it coming for you? I think you all are about a week ahead of us.

Jennifer Morgan said...

Have just gotten back from two weeks away. I can't believe that you will finally get to hold Abe. Good luck with packing and know that we will be thinking of you when you are away. Good luck, safe travels, and God bless you.

Oatsvall Team said...

We are w/you here ... I am so sad MP is done swimming ...we waited each night to cheer him on... he is an amazing competitor ... Love his mother ... I love watching it all ... beach volleyball is another favorite ...

Anonymous said...


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