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amazing photographer
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Monday, August 25, 2008


Melissa again. Are you sick of me yet?
Let me just say that the Alexanders may rue the day they ever gave me the password to their blog. RUE THE DAY!

Where are the pictures???

We need pictures!!!

According to her little Ethiopian clock thingy it's about 10:30pm in Addis and they have a professional photographer with them. What gives?

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, I did get one little picture from Moody's iPhone today but you can't really tell if Em's holding Abe or just carrying her sweater. I can't even post it!!!

They're killing me.

I mean, we're totally praying for them and love them and are so thankful for this day they've waited so long for... but, they're killing me.


Jess said...

AMEN SISTER!! I've been checking way too much today for my own family's good! I just checked and it said it was 10:15pm in Ethiopia! I was like, okay, it's gotta be soon!

I'm not even related! I can't imagine how crazy you are going!

Susan said...

Yep...I'm with you...I feel like a blog-stalker...I've even stalked you, Melissa, with phone calls saying "where the heck are the pictures??" I thought for sure you'd have all the answers!

Jennifer Morgan said...

You would think this was my baby with how many times I check this bog, how much I have been praying for them, and how many times today I have been thinking about him. What an exciting day!

Oatsvall Team said...

You got that right ... I keep refreshing my screen like every 30 minutes waiting for just a glimpse of Em holding this sweet boy we have been praying for ... Let's get those photographs up !!!


Lori said...

Oh Melissa.... go check out Laurie Hausasms blog and you'll really be ticked off! How dare they! I'm never visiting this blog again! Period! (except next hour or so when I check back)

Ellen said...

I know where some pictures are...
Click "Jess" under "Other Blogs I Visit!"

Rebecca said...

I know! I'm dying here too! I noticed Laurie's blog had a cute pic of Emily holding Abe. Where are the rest of the pics? We're all anxious here :)

Shawn and Jami said...

Right there with ya!!!Watching and waiting and praying:)

Hauswife said...

Pardon my faux-pas, oh forgiving bloggy friends, for posting a photo of Em & Abe! :P Nya nya nya nya nya!

I KNOW, it's TIME for an update, folks! I've been stalking, too...

crazy thorne's said...

I sent a text to Moody reminding him we were all waiting and several of us are checking by the 1/2 hour! I reminded them of their "rockstar" status! What an awesome day for the Alexander family! We love you guys!

Shanna said...

Oh Melissa!! What gives with this sister-in-law of ours??? They lead us on and then keep us hanging!!! Praise the Lord all is going great and they are basking and now sleeping in their euphoria!!! We love you all Alexanders! Shanna and the gang

keelstar said...

Okay, I've been following their journey for a long time now, but don't even know this family! I absolutely LOVE seeing a family united through the miracle of adoption! I may just have found what you are all looking for...I just watched it and cried as I saw this beautiful family together with their sweet Abe! Check this link out for all of the amazing pictures!!!

keelstar said...

Okay, the link didn't work, so I will post a link right now on my personal blog for you all to see. Just click on keelstar and go to my webpage for the link. Blessings, Keely

Erin said...

It isn't a link, but copy and paste it into your browser -- but stop first and get a tissue. You're going to need it!

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