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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
.......she captured our trip on film

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Monday, August 25, 2008

A few to hold you over...

Everyone waiting to meet Abe.

Mommy holding sweet Abe 
The brothers!!!

Hey guys! Jess here. Here are a few pics to hold everyone over until Kristin has the Abe slideshow up and running! I got these from emails from their iphone so they may be a little blury, but better than nothing!!! They may regret giving me their life passwords also, Mel!!! :)


Amy said...

AhHH! Cuteness. Can't wait for this slide show you speak of! :)

Hauswife said...

So PRECIOUS! I especially love the "brothers" photo!

Jocelyn said...

YAY!!!! What beautiful pictures....I am so happy!!

Oatsvall Team said...

love the pictures ... i have watched the video 4 times ...will keep praying for everyone !!!

Anonymous said...

My heart is so full for you guys! Oh I know it is a whirlwind. Enjoy! Soak it up. H

Nikki said...

AWWWW!! He is so, so beautiful!


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