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amazing photographer
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Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged

I have some really great friends in the blog world! I have been tagged by three of my favorites, Jana, Laurie and Tracie!

8 things that I am passionate about:
1. Jesus
2. My hubby
3. My kids, the 4 already under my roof
4. My two kids in Ethiopia--I can't wait to see your faces
5. Africa
6. Adoption
7. Orphans
8. My support system, family, friends and awesome online buddies!!!

8 things that I want to do before I die:
1. GO TO ETHIOPIA- ok, I want to do that tomorrow!!!
2. Star as Eponine in Les Mis on Broadway-- if you have heard me sing, you laugh, I know!!
3. Skydive
4. Be tri-lingual
5. Have a life-long working relationship with an organization committed to sharing the gospel and changing the lives of those in Africa
6. Live in Bavaria, Germany for a year
7. Become organized
8. Win a gold medal in an Olympic sport, preferably a track and field event 

8 things that I say often:
1. Get down Mo!
2. No, Charlie. Avery let your dog outside, please.
3. Stop throwing the football in the house!!
4. Guys, cut it out
5. Lets go!! Lets go!!
6. Good times, good stuff
7. No, we haven't heard anything yet!
8. I trust you Lord for your good and perfect timing :)

8 t.v shows that I have recently watched:
1. Lost
2. American Idol
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. Amazing Race
5. ER, yes we still watch
6. Office, please end the strike, please!!
7. Hill's, guilty pleasure
8. Grey's Anatomy

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. funny, great sense of humor
2. faithful
3. love Jesus and point me to truth
4. honesty and integrity
5. know my junk and love me still
6. cry with me
7. love my kids
8. enjoy a good margarita or glass of wine

8 things I learned in 2007:
1. That my heart could ache for two kids that I haven't even met
2. That God will indeed supply you with all you need 
3. That the Lord can use your kids to change the make-up of our family
4. That I have more patience than I ever thought possible, by the grace of God
5. That I could love a land that I have never stepped foot on its soil
6. That I would make some amazing friendships and be encouraged by those that I haven't met in person (some I have been blessed to meet, and I can't wait to meet more of you soon!)
7. That I long to see two little ones picture more than just about anything right now
8. Never say never!

I am tagging: Steffany and Keva!!


steffany said...

Could I just Ditto everything you said?
Except the being in a musical!

I love it. You are a beautiful lady.
I love reading your blog, it makes me smile, laugh, cry, pray, and rejoice with you. Thanks.

The Hausams said...

You are awesome, my sister! I just love your heart.
When you live in Bavaria, we'll join you for Oktoberfest and sail down the Danube! Sounds good to me! :)

Lori said...


Love you! We will have alot to talk about the day we will meet - xoxo Lor

Holli said...

I think you should move to Europe but not Germany..... how about England?:) The brits really do need the work of a good ortho! And you could always visit Bavaria.

Holli said...

I think you should move to Europe but not Germany..... how about England?:) The brits really do need the work of a good ortho! And you could always visit Bavaria.

Misty said...

Great List! Made me giggle, smile and sniffle:)

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