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amazing photographer
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Friday, February 22, 2008

experience overrated?

A friend sent me this video this morning. Is experience really necessary to be the leader of our great country or will charisma and charm get the job done? tell me, I'm interested in what you think!

If politics aren't your thing, go give a big congrats to the Thorne family for their referral!!


Misty said...

Isn't democracy really all about inspiration?;) Funny video. Probably not supposed to be funny, but I did find it amusing. Hope you area all finally feeling better!

Candy said...

and Watson wanted to be the Governor of the Great State of Texas! Go figure.......

Your Daddy

Lori said...

Whoaaa look at you, coming into the dark side!!!!! I'm more stunned and shocked at you right now and I cannot get myself past this shock to actually comment!!!

Imagine, me, speechless!

PS. And you know DARN well where I stand anyway - ;)

Lori said...

No, no, what I meant from the above comment about being shocked was that you'd even put something political like this on here!

This is clearly not a specific endorsement! ;)

Susan said...

It's all a train wreck!

Gurskes said...

okay so slap by hands! I always thought the older I got the more I'd get into politics..terribly have failed. But I did check out the referral... :-) points for me!


Hauswife said...

Hahahahaha! You're killing me! This is hysterical! Michael loved it, too. Funny, funny stuff.

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