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amazing photographer
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

thank you

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your prayers!! Do I have the sweetest hubby or what to post that for me? I am doing so much better now! :) We head home tomorrow after a wonderful week here in Colorado (even with sickness). The kids did awesome skiing and it was a joy to experience it with each of them.

Yesterday we all skied together as a family, and it was just ONE of those days! It was gorgeous, the sun was shining, perfect snow, and I was just overwhelmed by God's goodness. I can't wait to get our referral, but in that moment, I was very content and thankful.


TedTracie said...

So glad you seem better!!!!

I can't wait to see pictures!



Melissa said...

Miss you! Can't wait till you get home!

crazy thorne's said...

Glad you are feeling better and got to share a day with the family on the slopes. I go home on Sunday to celebrate our 17 year anniversary and charis's birthday on Monday. Maybe I should fast tomorrow in honor of a referral for the Alexander family! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a beautiful day with your family! There is nothing quite like a gorgeous mountain winter day to remind you of God's greatness!

Lori said...

Aren't those moments glorious!?!

What a blessing to be with your family and enjoy some beauty and fun with them - It will most likely be your last vacation/trip until you're on that big ole jet plan headed East to Africa!! :)

Safe travels - talk soon!

KristinJ said...

So glad to hear you have gotten to experience a great day there with your beautiful family and are feeling better!


so glad you are feeling better ... i think what you have is all over the country right now ... i have heard from many blogger friends that they have the same thing ...

can't wait for pictures ... and that referral ... love ya ..

Lori said...

Just came to bug you for pictures, you've been home for at least several hours by now! ;) Just kidding! It feels so weird without Bethany around - I'm so excited, but I wish they weren't taking the side trek to Rome, the suspense is going to eat me up! I have serious problems!!!

Keva said...

I am so glad you are feeling better and that God filled you with such joy and contentment.

Much love and prayers your way.

THESE 3 KINGS said... glad to hear you are doing better!! and that sweet hubbie of just to much! so precious
love you!

Lori said...

Yay, the pics. showed up! You guys look like you should be on the brochure for the resort! Love it! And there's no telling that you were not 100% - you look fabu~

Great memories! Ahhh!

Susan said...

Great Pictures....Wow Em, never noticed just how much You and Trey have the same smile!!

crazy thorne's said...

Love the pic's. sure wish there were 2 more in the photo. Think of it as the last photo of this season of your family's journey and next year will be a new season with 2 beautiful new children. Praying your week will include a referral call!!!!!!!! Blessings

Hauswife said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were feeling better enough to ski with the fam! I've been praying for you, my dear. Just checking in "in case" you had some news... Pismo's been awesome with Ricker. The boys are off doing loop-de-loops in a biplane right now, so I've got a little down time. I hope you all got home safe and sound, rested and well.

Ellen said...

Love the picture of the kids! Glad to see you at Church today... it's been awhile.

Misty said...

awesome pics! i love the black and white, and the two of you on top of a mountain! and...having known Dr. M for (going on) 7 years now...i have NEVER seen him with a beard! i like it! :O) i hope he didn't shave it off last night :O)

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