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amazing photographer
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Friday, February 8, 2008

little things

"Guys, one of the greatest gifts that you can give your children, is for them to see you loving your wife!!" is something that I remember hearing in our nearly-wed class years ago. I have the blessing of a husband that does indeed love me well, and last night I got to see the fruit of that love in Avery.

Moody and Issy left for the weekend yesterday.  He takes the kids one at a time to various meetings, and they LOVE it! His parents go to these meetings too, so Mim gets to hang out with the child during the day (the reality is that they don't "meet" much at these meetings)!  She looked so old when we dropped them off at the airport.  She was so excited (had her bag and backpack packed for days) and just stood on the curb with a huge smile and a wave!  It made all of us sad to see our baby girl growing up. 

When Moody is away, I let the kids take turns sleeping with me.  Avery got in my bed last night and called me into the room.  "Mommy, daddy left you something under your pillow."  She handed me a sweet note that Moody had written.  I finished reading the note and Avery said, "I have the best daddy ever!!"

He didn't give her a pony, he didn't promise to bring her a treat from the trip, he just loved her mommy! That made her happy, it made her feel secure, and I pray it made her refuse to settle for anything less in her spouse!

I pray Moody and Isabelle have some sweet daddy/daughter time this weekend!  I am also thankful that the Lord has called us to more little ones.  I realized as she was standing on the curb at the airport, that I am not ready to have my kids all grown up! :)  

On an adoption note-- today marks 26 weeks of waiting! I can honestly say that 26 isn't a number that I ever thought we would see, but I am trusting in His perfect timing.  (How many times have I written that??)  He has been faithful to bless me with little things along this journey and for that I am grateful.

For a good perspective on God answering our prayers, please read Melissa's current post. Click here.

Moody just sent me these!! I love it:)


TedTracie said...


I just sent you an e-mail :-)

the donG said...

God bless on your mission.

Gurske Adoption said...

What and amazing husband/dad you've got hanging around that house of yours! The note under the pillow....well that just tops the list doesn't it!

I love those pictures tooooo cute. It's really neat that he spends one on one time with the kids, I think that is SO important and probably creates so much excitment in the kids when it's "there turn."

Shawn Newsome said...

Emily - how sweet is that and such a priceless gift. Are you guys still up to taking a donation with you? We love you guys!


emily & mike said...

What a great post and a beautiful moment to treasure! wow!

Anyways, i also wanted to say that i am encouraged to see your positive attitude and your trust in God as you have waited these 26 weeks. I hope I can do the same! I was actually thinking as I clicked on your blog today that maybe you'd have your referral....
26 weeks is a long time but every day you are closer! Hang in there.

Lori said...

26 eh??? Wow, I remember when you had the kids pose in the number nine on the ground.... time does fly and so will the end of this long wait.

Your Moody is just wonderful! How thoughtful - and I just love that he takes the kids for one on one time - they will treasure that for years to come.

Little Issy is just gorgeous - you know that. Isn't it amazing how the time goes...

Great post (as usual)! xox Lor

Melissa said...

Love that! Moody never ceases to amaze! I think you should keep him.

The Hausams said...

I love that Moody's taking such sweet care of you, and that your kids get to see that modeled for them. Beautiful! He's a keeper for sure!
26 totally sucks,though. I hate that the only way to learn waiting and enduring is to wait and endure. Won't it feel so surreal when you actually have a referral??? Your paper pregnancy is now officially way overdue. Praying for you!

Rebecca said...

26 weeks? I can hardly believe it! That just means your 26 weeks closer to getting your referral!

How sweet is your husband?! So greatful for men like Moody (and my Ben!) to show our children what it's like to be a husband and father!

Amy said...

Sweet story!

26 weeks!!! Come on referral!!!!! Lucky number week 27??? Lets hope so!

Misty said...

bloop bloop! :O( so stinkin sweet. i have thoughts but can't "word" them right now! i just love ya'll!

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