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Thursday, January 31, 2008

what I did yesterday

Laurie and Jana, I know that I have been tagged by you two fabulous girls, and I will get to that, but I must first post on this:

Unless you have been living under a rock, I  can reasonably assume that you have heard of the Hannah Montana T.V show on Disney.  It happens to have quite a following! :)  The cute boy above is Cody Linley. He plays Hannah/Miley's boyfriend on the show, Jake Ryan.  Cody also happens to be a patient of Moody's.  Moody is one of a few orthodontists in the metroplex that puts braces on the inside of the teeth (linguals) so they are invisible to the outside world. Apparently this is important if you are an actor that needs straight teeth.  

Cody was gracious enough to do a patient appreciation day for the practice yesterday afternoon. All of our patients were invited to come, bring one friend, and get an autograph and picture taken with him.  We knew that several of the patients would be excited, but we didn't know that it would become Cody Mania!! Seriously, it was C.R.A.Z.Y!!! Good crazy, so much fun crazy, but madness none the less.

The event was scheduled to start at 3:00, but a line was starting to form closer to 2:00.  The staff tried to encourage people to wait in their cars because they weren't ready, etc. but reasoning with a mom and her hormonal daughters ended up to be a futile affair.  The line formed, the staff got ready, I got our the video camera and we let the good times begin.  (I can't find the cable to connect the video camera to the computer-- still pics will have to suffice for now)

Several minutes after it all began,  I looked out the window to see a line that literally wrapped around the building!! This thing had officially taken on a life of its own. :)  The moms and kids were really appreciative and had awesome attitudes as they were waiting in the cold---oh, except for one mom.......I had one mom not so pleased! Yes, she allowed Cody Mania to get the best of her.  She was ticked that she was at the end of the line and there was a chance that Cody would have to leave before her daughter got to see him.

I started walking around to the end of the line around 4:45 to let everyone know that they were welcome to wait but that Cody had a schedule and we were going to honor that schedule.  He had committed to 3-5 for our little party.  That fact was clearly written on everything. 

"Hi, thank you so much for coming.  We really appreciate you guys.  I want you to know that you are welcome to continue standing in line but I can't promise that you will see Cody today. He is scheduled to leave at 5.  We are hoping that he will stay a little longer to see all of the patients, but I just wanted you to be prepared."

Everyone else in line, "oh, we are totally staying, it is so worth it" "we are praying for a miracle" said one teenage girl with the biggest sunglasses on big that when she finally made it to the front of the line--- and they ALL made it to see him-- Moody said, "hey sweetie, don't you want to take those off for your picture?"  "NO (with attitude)" Moody, "I really think you might regret that one day" (with a smile) and she will regret it, trust me.

Back to mean mom.  "I am really not happy about this.  I was not about to take my kids out of school for this (MANY moms did) and the Jr High doesn't get out until 4:00.  So if HE (pretty sure that she doesn't know that I am married to HE) sent my girls an invitation to see Cody, and they get all excited and DONT actually get to see him, well I will be REALLY frustrated!!"

(Ok, who gets a party invite that says from 3-5,  show up at 4:45, and still expect the pony ride and cake??)

"I can understand your frustration but I can assure you that they are doing everything that they can to get everyone through the line.  Cody had from 3-5 open today and we were so thankful that he agreed to come for that time period."

"Well, we have appointments tomorrow and we WILL NOT come if they don't get to see him"

Ok-- promise?  I didn't say anything, but I wanted to because Moody's staff worked their tails off to make this event a success and her ungrateful heart made me mad!! I refused to let her rain on my parade. She did get to see him and my sinful heart secretly hoped that the camera wouldn't work and he would misspell her daughters names.  He didn't and the picture took. 

We were all exhausted afterwards- Cody ended up signing and smiling for 3 hours! He was incredibly gracious to each and every patient. Sweetest kid ever- he let us buy him some Mexican food as another thank you! We really enjoyed getting to know him better, and hope the best for him as he moves to LA to further pursue his acting career.

Who would you have stood in line for when you were 13?


Natalie Fournet said...

You KNOW people...your blog is full of famous celebs!!

Wish I could say I recognized Cody, but I am out of it...he is darling though!

Fun day-Natalie

Stacy Ann said...

Great post!! So glad I got to be a part of Cody Mania Day!! Lots of fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Brad Pit...maybe a little Matt Damon...or how's about some JT action. That is who we are going after for our next celeb patients. Oh and I made sure to tell the sweetheart mom that a lot of peeps got sent away and we did have to disappoint a lot of our patients.

Stacy Ann said...

I agress with Jess. I think Matt Damon is really gonna need him some A-town braces!!

Melissa said...

Emily, seriously, if you had an issue with the way I behaved yesterday, you should have talked to me personally...:)
Totally kidding!!! What a great gift to Moody's patients! If anyone's rude to you again, I'm gonna have to bring myself on over and open up a can sorry, family friendly...bless our enemies... give them a soft answer hoping to turn away their wrath.

Holli said...

Zack Morris! Anyone from 90210! and when I was 13 I would have stood in line for...........:)
How fun. My neighbor girls would have gone crazy - Hannah Montana is huge here in England. All the girls think I might actually know Hannah!:) I fortunately am not at this stage of life with Gwen. Unfortunately it would be the Doodle-Bops or the Wiggles we would be in line for!:)

Holli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holli said...

Oh and braces on the inside! Heck I WOULD defiantly stood in line for that at 13! The perm and the "change":) should have been enough but then for my parents to add the braces! All the therapy I could have saved myself!- I only kid!

Eric & Tara said...

New Kids on the Block. Oooooh, I LOVED Jordan...I may or may not have kissed my poster of him every night before bed.

steffany said...

Wow, A lot of kids will always cherish that memory! That rocks!

Susan said...

Thank you for the "where in the heck were you guys?" call this morning. I'm impressed in all of the whoopla that you noticed who wasn't there. My girls are looking at the pictures and are momentarily craving a meeting but at ages 6 and 7 the total hormonal out-of-their-mind reaction to a famous teenager hasn't taken over yet and I'm forgiven!!! I wasn't quite as lenient on you guys for not taking me to DC for the Bush meeting!! You guys always have fun up your sleeve!
When's our El Fenix night???

Ellen said...

WOW. I can't believe people would stand in line for that long just for an autograph. And get mad about not getting one! Never would have guessed he had braces - his teeth are gorgeous!

Amy said...

You guys DO know some big time people...
President George W,
Tom of Tom's Shoes,
Silas Bottomly....

Umm...When I was 13, I would have stood in line for NKOTB... my fave was JOEY!

Lori said...

I've been living under a rock I guess! Never heard of him, but that means nothing! What a wonderful opportunity you guys created for your patients - some people are just plain miserable no matter what and you can never please them - those are the people I distance myself from - that horrible negative energy is crippling!

Ok, since you are way older than me, you would've waited for.... Shaun Cassidy! Ok, me too but that was when we were a few years younger. At thirteen... my list has to include more than one:

1. Michael Jackson
2. Jan Michael Vincent
3. Don Johnson
4. Tom Cruise

Remember this HAS nothing to do with how today's list would look, I can't stand #4!

xoxo Lor

Pattie & Rob Miller said...

Wow, what a great opportunity you created for those kids. They are probably the only kids that can say my Dentist Rocks!!!
When I was 13 and I am dating myself here, but it would have been Scott Baio, Andy Gibb, or Leif Garrett seriously. Sad I know.
Thanks for sharing.

Candy said...

Elvis! That would have been "stand in line forever"
autograph. Of course, I wasn't allowed to even go to his concert because of the hip gyration thing.
One of these days we need to catch up on life! Who knew all this exciting news?

Laura said...

My daughter would have FREAKED out!! She's in love with all things Hannah including Jake Ryan! :)

Gurske Adoption said...

You guys are so amazing to put on such a "shin Dig" especially knowing that you would be around that many teenage girls......WAY TO HOLD IT TOGETHER!

Neat post..You always have such good stuff! :-)

Ohh and I guess anyone from new kids on the that was totally my era. MC hammer was pretty cool too. I think I owned a pair of Hammer Pants "STOP HAMMER TIME!"

Erica said...

Oh how FUN! My daughter would have been SO into it. However I would have been the "cool" mom and we'd a been there at 1:45 just to make the girl happy.

On a side note - I wish I lived near you so I could have had braces on the inside of MY teeth for 2.5 years as an ADULT! (yes I just got them off 18 mo. ago!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! That is SO FUN! He is just the cutest ever! He reminds me of my kid brother.

And that Mom? I would have yanked her braces off the INSIDES of her teeth if I was you. Seriously. The nerve!

By the way, can Moody do that brace thing for me? That's AMAZING!

Very fun post, cool day!


Rebecca said...

I love it! My nieces would be so jealous if they knew. I love the girls in the Hannah Montana wigs - my niece got one for Christmas and I have a pic of my husband in it. Hilarious!

OK, so I would have stood in line for Kirk Cameron. My friend and I used to take pictures of him from the "teen Bop" (is that what it's called?) magazine and pretend like we had seen him in real life. :) Like, we saw him and he just happened to be standing against a blue background. We did zoom in so you couldn't see the magazine writing. So funny!

Misty said...

yeah i have to agree w/Rebecca, my teen "crush" was Kirk Cameron! i had the 4 page posters all over my walls from teen bop or whatever it was called heehee! Wednesday was great fun and i'm so glad you and the kids were all there to experience it with us!! :O)

Misty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

Ok, I SOOOOO would have stood in line for Chad Allen when I was a teenager! I just thought he was adorable.
Now, come to find out that he isn't in to my type (meaning girls), so I guess that all of those fantasies of us making a beautiful life together were for nothing!
I am glad that yall are staying busy. I can't wait to see your "we got our referral" blog!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

LOL! love it! love the Hannah Montana wigs on the girls! oh, I would stand in line for Kevin Bacon! love those tight footlose jeans!

Jana said...

New Kids on the Block. *blush*

Christine said...

How cool! Just liek Holli, I loved watching Zac Morris on Saved by the Bell.

Laurie said...

How much fun! My nieces would have gone NUTS!

OK, at 13 I would have stood in line for Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.....I know I'm ancient! LOL

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