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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

update and roller coaster rides

Remember this picture? Well the opptimistic guesses are now in the trash. I couldn't believe that Moody picked his father's birthday, Feb 25th, but it looks like daddy may know best after all. For those that didn't see it before click here to read about a little game we played.

The after picture looks a wee bit sad:( I was talking to my sister in law, Melissa, earlier today. I was telling her how frustrating it can be on this roller coaster. I can feel such a peace one moment, totally trust in the Lord for His good work and His perfect timing, and then I can turn on a dime! DARN IT!! I was telling her that my lack of faith in those moments is disappointing to me and she quickly said, "but Em, you are human! If you could do it all on your own, then you wouldn't need Jesus. If you could do it all on your own, you wouldn't have a need for a redeemer"....I may have messed up a few of her words, but you get the point right? I need Jesus, I need Him to give me His perfect peace, to remind me that I am me and He is Lord of all. It sounds so simple, but it really made me feel better to once again realize that I can't do it on my own.

Mel, thank you for your wisdom- oh wise one:) I have also been blown away at the support of the blog community. The Lord has blessed me with some incredible women through this process and for you guys- a HUGE thank you! I am really hoping that the "blog union" that Carey proposed happens this summer. I can't wait to see each of you face to face:)


MissHannah said...

I love the beauty of the truth, and I love it when those we love are courageous enough to speak it...and I just love Melissa.

Thank you for being authentic. I cannot imagine what this wait is like, but I wait with you, and pray with you, and check your blog daily and cannot wait to hear the news of your referral and your next step in this wonderful process.

The Hausams said...

A blog Union?!? YES! How fantastic! We are THERE!
As to the rest of your post... *sigh* Waiting is so so so so so so so hard! And, Melissa's 1000% (thousand) percent right that that's why we have a Redeemer -- because we are insufficient on our own for ANY task. I'm not from the south (unless you count SoCal as southern which no one does), but can I still say, "Bless your heart"? That's what I want from the Lord, for Him to bless your heart through the awful, long, seemingly endless waiting.
Remember at the end of your pregnancies when you felt ready to take a samurai sword to your own belly just to GET... IT... OUT? That's this time right now, Em. The Lord's with you. He's carrying you even though it may feel like the burden is all on you and no one else feels this suffering as you do. He does. (I do, too.)

Big hug from your SoCal sister.

Shannon and Brett Hilliard said...

The birth pangs of adoption are rough. I'm sure you'd gladly go thru labor right now if you could get your kids sooner. But God is wise, and this wait time isn't wasted. He's preparing everyone for the new arrivals.
My pick was Jan 23rd. Hoping I beat out Mood. Praying for you all, and getting addicted to strangers blogs, thanks to you! Brett

steffany said...

Oh, I so feel where you are coming from. It is so wonderful you have someone who speaks words of wisdom to you. We all forget we are human and to rely on Him. I know waiting is hard, and I also know God's timing is always perfect.

Proverbs 19:21 has brought much comfort this year through our adoption journey.
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
In His Peace,

TedTracie said...

So sweet... what a gift those words of encouragment are!

How are you feeling?

I was just doing a little catching up. Believe it or not... I feel out of the blog loop :-)

It has been so great getting to know you. What a FUN person you are!

Praying for you!

Melissa said...

You know I love you and I was thinking when we were talking that I would be a crazy person blog stalking and spreadsheeting to the detriment of my family, and home, and whatever else.
Remember it is not the size of our trials, it is the size of our God.
Since I was nice to you, can I borrow your blue dress and leopard heels? :) Kidding.

S. said...

WOW can I identify.

That is just what I needed to hear--thank you for sharing with the rest of us. I definately can't do this on my own.

We had a paper chain when I was on bedrest--sort of the opposite goal though--we were hoping to get to the end of it before seeing baby's face!

From a "crazy person blog stalking and spreadsheeting to the detriment of my family, and home, and whatever else" fellow PAP!


THESE 3 KINGS said...

wow..I am thankful for finding your blog..cant wait to read more..praying for your ministry

Katy said...

I feel your pain on the rollercoaster and watching the imagined dates and deadlines pass. I'm waiting for siblings with WHFC too and enjoying your blog while I wait. "See" you on the yahoo group.

the Steiger's said...

I hit bottom last night. I was so mad and sad at the same time. It has been over 2 months since we got referral and we have not yet heart about our court date. I want my little girl so bad. It is sometimes hart to wait for God's timing especially since I think my timing is better but I am glad He is in control. (Much better that way.) I will pray for your family and for your referral.

Amy said...

I hope the blog union happens too! Can't wait for your referral day to come!

Keva said...

Hey friend. I am praying for you and so many others that this time too shall pass...and quickly. Who would have ever thought we would be waiting six weeks for a court date, not me. God has His divine reasons and I shall live Him to them.

We will not be making it to a UNION, in CA. We have a wedding that Oct. in Mexico. No way we can make both. BUT, I hold out hope that since my sister lives in Austin, TX, I will meet you one day in person.

Natalie Fournet said...

Praying and waiting alongside your family. Look forward to seieng you all soon-Natalie

Misty said...

It's so nice to read someone else expressing my thoughts! It is encouraing to see the processes being perfected in us while we wait!

Anonymous said...

Ok celebrity blogger friend :) I am sick for two days and you have a new post and like 900 comments... :) From the looks of the comments, those orphanages in Addis MUST be getting full!!!! It's going to happen soon...and when it will be AWESOME :)

--Thanks for checking in on me when I was all dehydrated :) and I love, love my doggie card Ave!

Lori said...

How have I not posted a comment?? H-E-L-L-O????????? I'm so sorry.... I thought that I had, but nonetheless, I remember when you guys did this! It was right when I started reading (being addicted) to you and your site!

Moody may be right, but it is right around the corner when you look at the big picture. Think of what's happened with your awareness and journey since the first time you mailed in that little application. And that wasn't really THAT long ago!

And, many of us are thankful that you're in this process to hold our hands -

xoxo Lor

Erica said...

Emily - You have been such a huge encouragement to me through this process. Your sister in law is totally correct. Your human. We all are and we all get to a breaking point.

Praying the Lord gives you extra strength, peace, and the grace to fight the good fight even if that means just waiting for His perfect timing.

Without Christ we are nothing. We can't do this on our own. We NEED a Saviour and thats the beauty in all of this. His grace is sufficient for you and for me.

I so hope there's a blog union too. How cool would that be?! It would be amazing to finally meet all the people who've been such a huge encouragement during this crazy amazing process to bring our kiddos home.

Hugs and prayers my sweet friend.

Melissa said...

No, I don't really need to borrow anything, I just wanted to see how I could work being in your good graces to my benefit.

Gideon mommasita said...

Thank you for your post, Melissa's words are the refreshing waters of truth that are applicable in every Christian's walk.

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