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amazing photographer
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

mountain cedar

This is how we felt while it lasted.

Our 36 hour mini-vacation ended up getting cut a little short! Don't feel sorry for me (Melissa), Moody and I fully enjoyed our time without the kids. Friday night we hung out with Tommy, Mary Lynn and their precious newborn baby girl. Yesterday we slept late, drank too much coffee, walked around the new Arlington Highlands outdoor shopping center, and then met my parents for a movie and dinner. We saw Juno. I really liked it. Anyone else seen it?

We got home, put on our pj's, turned on the fire and the phone rang! Hill could barely talk or breath.

Apparently January is the peak season for mountain cedar in the DFW area. Hill is very allergic to mountain cedar. He also realized that he had been exploring all day long, carrying a large branch from a cedar tree!! Not a good combo.

Moody's mom was worried about his breathing, and he was just plain miserable! Super dad kicked in, got dressed and made the little over an hour drive to pick him up! He called when he was heading back. I answered the phone with "do you have the package?" (any Alias lover will clearly understand) and he replied, "yes I do, times 4!" None of the kids were asleep when he got there (it was 11:00?) and they all wanted to come home with him. Sweethearts.

Moody is at church, and I am at home with one very stopped up kid!


Kate said...

so they made it to the "extraction point"...Oh man, I miss me some Alias!! I might have to watch an episode or two tonight :) Miss you guys and would love to see you!...Sorry your "no kid" weekend got cut short :)

TedTracie said...


Again, Brother and sister... out on the town. You guys look too much a like. :-)

I saw Juno. I enjoyed it... It was just so hard because it was such a serious TOPIC and we were laughing... ya know? BUT... I enjoyed it. Juno had such an endearing personality (is that how you spell endeering?) anywho...


Jana said...

awfully sweet.

I loved Juno! So did Michael. Plus, it stars all our AD friends.

Candy said...

Tell that Hill-boo to get better soon. I think a Cowboys victory today will help immensely. I think we may be responsible for the genetic tendency toward allergies. Sorry kids!
We love you all and had a great time with your mom and dad last night.

Eric & Tara said...

Oh, poor little sweeties!! But at least you had a little bit of fun grown up time! We saw Juno too- so cute, right? Very quirky but we like such things and really loved it!

steffany said...

You look gorgeous! I hope you had fun while it lasted!

Natalie Fournet said...

I am so sorry...that alone time is so precious:) Mountain cedar...maybe that is my problem. My allergies have been horrible! Natalie

Lori said...

There's no cedar pollen in NH! (I think)

How sweet that all the packages wanted to come home to the nest... cuties!

Gurske Adoption said...

Love the picture of you two! Your so gooooood at posting pictures. I'm so happy you both got to be kidless with us...but I'm so jealous you got them back! :-) My little way of saying I'd love to have my babe home.

Melissa said...

Boo mountain cedar! Sorry, your weekend was cut short. I tend to still blame all unfortunate situations on Arvin Sloane. That's just me.

S. said...

poor kid! great picture--I don't believe you actually are a mother to 4--what is your secret?

I am glad you had fun until he had to be rescued...a movie and dinner sound like a luxury at this point for us!

p.s. one of my sorority sisters (and Gini Florer's--do you know her? she is friends with your SIL) is childhood best friends with Jennifer Garner and she went to the Oscars with her one year!

Amy said...

Hi! I got your email...I will write you back when I know more about the time's of Josh's basketball games... :) We would love to meet up though!

We also saw Juno... We laughed a lot and cried a little. I absolutely loved it!

The Hausams said...

Hahaha, "Do you have the package?" (I hate that Alias is gone, but the DVDs live on!). Arvin would be secretly pleased with the foiling of your weekend. I'm so sorry. And, take care, poor Hill. No more gnawing on cedar branches!

Ted and Lori said...

Thanks for the continued prayers. I'm *loving* that Africa tshirt here.

TedTracie said...

Yall look like rock stars in that picture!

Laura said...

I hate that your little mans not feeling so good. Hope he feels better soon.

I wanna see Juno. Maybe Sean and I need a date night this weekend. :)

Erica said...

How fun! You two look great! Poor Hill!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement my sweet sweet friend. You are such a blessing and someday - I truly hope we can have coffee. :) Tracie suggested coffee on the phone! Love her!!

Abigail King said...



seriously, God meant us to be sisters ... I am a super Alias fan !!! Sorry your time was cut short, but I know you wouldn't have had it any other way ... When one of our cubs is sick we go straight into super agent mode ... lol ... glad you had some sweet time alone ... love ya ...

Scarlett_333 said...

I love your husband's shirt and want to get one for my boyfriend. I have seen them around, but can't remember who makes them/where I can get them. Would you be able to let me know? Thanks so much! You can either email me at or post on my blog
Can't wait to follow your adoption journey! My sweet sponsor child is from Ethiopia, right outside Addis. I hope to go there and meet her soon!

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