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Friday, January 11, 2008

how to survive the wait

We have the best kids! Hate to brag, but really, its true:)  Today marks 22 weeks of waiting for a referral.  I could be really bummed, but I am just too relaxed after an evening at the Alexander Night Spa!

On Wednesday my kids spent hours making a fort in the playroom.  They literally used every blanket we have in the house.  Fort building is a great activity for the kids, and great for me (quiet time) until I have to beg and plead with them to please clean it up!! We usually let the fort stay for a few days and then we (notice that I am often included in the clean up crew) take it down, fold the blankets and put everything away.  

Last night we headed up the stairs to put the kids down for bed, or fort.  They have been sleeping in the fort. :) I was tired and ready to begin my "you guys have to clean up this mess, blah, blah, blah" and Hill said, "mom, step inside" and he ushered me to the front of the fort. We crawled on our hands and knees and made our way inside.  I had no idea what awaited me!!

They told me to lay down on my stomach and the pampering began! I got a full back massage, a hand massage, a foot massage, a head massage and then a wonderful facial.  Moody walked by early on and said something like "I think you have this taken care of, I will just let you put them to bed".  He was kidding, he isn't a jerk-- but he couldn't see what was taking place behind all of the blankets!  I could have been a jerk and said, "o.k" but I said " I really think you will want to come in here"  He got the same special treatment that I did!! It was awesome. Those little hands sure can work:) It truly ministered to us and I was happy to see little servants hearts in them.  That isn't what I always see in there.......:)

We let them stay up a little past their bedtime, and the fort is still standing!

p.s-- Moody's mom just offered to take the kids with her to the farm (his dad is out of town) until Sunday!!! What, 36 hours here at home, without the kids? Any good movie recommendations for us?


crazy thorne's said...

Upon the kids arrival home can I be the first on the list for the facial?!! Have an incredible weekend date! Do nothing but love on each other and everything will be awesome! Blessings, Pam

Just the 6 of us! said...

The movie of choice for my hubby and I when our three kiddos are gone is always "How to steal a million" with Audrey Hepburn. It is clever and my husband likes it which is more than I can say about my other favorites. You can always watch James Bond for your guy too. That is something my husband never turns down. That and Star Wars.

Jenny said...

What great kiddos! I bet they had a ball too. A weekend all to yourselves sounds wonderful, enjoy it! Hang it there, waiting's brutal.

Eric & Tara said...

Aw! What sweeties! How precious that they were so thoughtfull!

We LOVE "The Holiday", but it may not be the best choise since the holidays have just ended. If you want to go out to a good movie we just saw "P.S. I love you". It is obviously really sad, but it made me just love Eric to his very core! It made me want to hold him forever and treasure him so much! That might be a good one for a fun weekend just the two of you!

Keva said...

WOW! I dido, Tara's comment on a movie choice. It is away from the house, but you will love that man of your so much more when you leave. What am I saying...okay, i have not seen it but this is what I have heard from every girl who has. I was begining to really believe I actually got to go to the movies. No such luck):

Enjoy yourselves!

steffany said...

I really think our kids could be best friends! That was awesome how they served you. What a memory to cherish :)
36 hours and no kids- what fun!
What kind of movies do you like?
There are so many good ones you could rent.
My personal favorite this month is Hairspray!

Shawn and Jami said...

Have you seen "Once"? It is one of our favorites. I hope that you two enjoy the weekend together...looking forward to the 19th!Love you guys!

Amy said...

I got your email...Let me talk with Josh to figure out his schedule for that weekend and I will get back with you!!

As for movies....if you go out, we LOVED Juno.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That gave me a perma-smile on my face! How fun for you that you not only got to enjoy your children this week, but you get to enjoy your husband this weekend... I call that a blessed time!
As for movies, I don't know of any really new ones, but I loved the Bourne Trilogy and could watch the whole thing beginning to end with my husband if I was given the chance to do so.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Gurske Adoption said...

To GREAT!!!!! I'll take a free loving massage any day!Your such a trooper for letting them pamper you. I also love the fort building. I so remember doing that as kid, it's so magical and safe feeling.

Hmmm since I'm still kidless lets see.... we just watched Pirates 3 (didn't like it) and Harry Potter (i'm sure you've already seen that!). We did just watch The EX. That was actually really funny. We watched it on our last date night and enjoyed it.

Have a great quiet deserve it momma!

crazy thorne's said...

Hey, Why dont you 2 jump on a plane and go spend a few days in Hawaii. The house is available and waiting for you!

Stacy Ann said...

The kids told me about their spa treatment. :) How fun! Tim and I watched the latest Borne movie last night and loved it! Hope you have a fun weekend! Did the kids end up persuading Wick to go?

Erica said...

What sweeties!!! How fun! I'm glad you got to relax. Praying you get your referral SOON!

The Hausams said...

Your kids get a great big GOLD STAR! Wow, they ARE the best! What a blessing to you. And, I'm so glad you're getting some time on your own, too... I never get to the actual theatre anymore, but we just watched Invincible, and We Are Marshall (football mood), and really liked them both. Otherwise, my all-time faves are Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre (BBC), and Sense & Sensibility. Have you seen "Return to Me?"? That's a goodie, too.
Have a blessed, relaxing, nothin' but kissin' weekend!

Annette said...

Hey, ask the Alexander Spa Kids if they have an appointment open next week? :) Enjoy your weekend!

Holli said...

Have a great weekend! Can I adopt your kids and your mother inlaw?:)

Melissa said...

I love you...and hate you...all at the same time.

TedTracie said...

36 hours... wait... when did that start? Hope on a plane and come see me :-) It's the perfect amount of time.



Tracie :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH! What did you do to them?!?! Where are your REAL kids?!?! What cutie pies!

Bourne Ultimatum was fun. Family Stone is a favorite renter. We saw Juno in the theater recently, I was wondering what you would think of it..... I thought it was really sweet.


Misty said...

Yeah for your kids! What a sweet treat - they must really love mom and dad:)

Drew Carey Show said...

Okay, that little spa experience is hilarious! How precious your kids are. What a great memory you made!

Lori said...

I leave the blog world for a couple of days and you go and make TWO posts!!! Darnn it!

Your kids are too good to be true, but you already know that! Any chance they want to come to NH and do some Mommy Care tutoring?? Precious!! It's far too late to give a movie recommendation, but I had heard alot of great things about Juno ---

Hope your little man is on the fast track to a speedy recovery, poor thing! :(

xoxo LOR

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