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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

soul sisters

These are old and new friends. I don't know why I still get blown away by God's infinite goodness and provision of exactly what we need at exactly the right time. As you may have seen in the Home Alone post, I had a fun little getaway to Nashville last weekend. My nearest and dearest, Corinne, lives there. She is that friend- the one that encourages your heart, speaks truth, allows you to be completely honest and loves you still!! The Lord blessed my life greatly by providing her as a friend over 10 years ago, back in Dallas. Thank you Lord for sweet Rinne.

Corinne is the link and adoption is the tie that binds this group together. We all had dinner Saturday night and it was a rich blessing. The disclaimer to the above photo is that this was taken immediately after we all had an incredible time of prayer - many tears of joy were shed. Gwen (far right) left early the next morning for China to pick up sweet Maggie. Please visit her site to follow her journey, pray for her time in China and pray for Scott and their three children while mama is away.

Lindsey is next to Gwen. I asked you to join her faith team as they are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Guatemala. Lindsey and her husband, Chris, have a deep faith and it was an encouragement to spend time with them. I'm excited to watch their road to their daughter and see God work in mighty ways.

Suzanne is in the middle. Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection, just felt like you had always been friends? Corinne has told me for years that would be the case, and it was-- her family was incredibly gracious and hospitable. Suzanne will be a wonderful resource for me when it comes to raising children in a transracial family. They do it so well. Her fifth is a precious boy that was adopted domestically. They are praying for the Lord to reveal who their next child is soon and I am too:)

Sometimes this journey can be lonely and I am very grateful for these women. Each of their obedience to the call that Christ has put on their hearts, inspires me to press on. I can't wait for Moody and the kids to meet their new friends.

p.s-- It is now Thursday night and I just saw a picture of Suzanne and Mikes beautiful baby boy. He was born today. Suzanne was talking about longing to get the call but wondered when it might actually come-- Suzanne was keeping Gwen's kids during the day while she is in China. Doesn't God have a wonderful sense of humor?? Pray that all goes well and they can travel home with their new son.
Maybe we will get our call soon.....trusting in Him


Misty said...

"in a circle of friends, we have one Father, in a circle of friends, we something something..." ok that's all i can remember from the old point of grace song lol! but that's what i thought of when i read this sweet post! anyway, i'm thankful to the Lord for you Emily, for being who YOU are! :O) sweet encouraging woman of faith! i love you as my sister in Christ :O) omgosh, as i'm writing this, guess what song just came on the cd (on random....) STEVEN curtis Chapman. "when love takes you in". WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :o) BLOOP BLOOP!!! GREAT, NOW I'M TOTALLY CRYING.

Annette said...

What a treasure! Opening your heart and home to another child is such a gift...having friends around you that really understand and can encourage you in the process...WOW! God is so good.

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I am so grateful for you Emily...Chris and I are praying for you!!


The Hausams said...

What a blessing!

-Gurske Adoption- said...

WOW! WHat a wonderful set of friends that you have been blessed with. In these times of patiences it is so great to have comfort from others. I'm glad you got away for a bit.


Candy said...

Loved meeting your new friends via your blog. Will pray for all of them. The sovereign providence of God in knitting lives together is simply amazing. We'll never fathom His goodness and faithfulness.

kenzsethia said...

Emily - I love this post! It is so great that God has provided you with such great sisters who know exactly what your struggles and victories are. He has blessed me with a few too and I know what a treasure they are! So cool....


Melissa said...

Why am I jealous? It's a club I can't be a part of. Kind of like high school all over again.
Love that God has given you this group and love seeing Corinne.

Lori said...

You have a wonderful support group that it sounds, in turn, returns that support 100%. Hold onto that for it is rare to have such a deep connection and love with one friend let alone several. You are blessed, but you already know that!
They are blessed as well.. How fantastic that you got to get away and have this peaceful time "alone" without the daily struggles of raising a family! ;)
Great post girlie!

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