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Thursday, November 1, 2007


One guess who wasn't very happy about their costume last night? I decided that this year we weren't going to spend a dime on Halloween costumes! Growing up, we came home from school on Halloween and threw something together. Maybe your mom sewed something, but we didn't have Halloween superstores all over the city begging you to come and spend a small fortune on a costume that may or may not make it through the evening.

Yesterday afternoon we started to discuss various options-- Avery decided to dress up as an Olympic gymnast with her friend Abbi. Easy: gymnastics leotard, boys baseball medal around her neck, hair up in a bun and she was good to go. Hill found an adult clown costume (Moody's moms) and threw on a cowboy hat-- a rodeo clown was born. Two down, two to go.

Wick honestly didn't care. He thought about wearing big baggy pants, hoody jacket, big sunglasses and being a rapper. Issy: nothing, she couldn't find anything that she liked. She isn't a "dress up" kind of girl. She likes to play sports and looking back, I should have had her wear a uniform of some sort- basketball, karate, etc. That would have been better:) I just needed more time to think.

Avery had the great idea for Issy to be a witch. We typically don't do any "scary" costumes- but I was willing to make an exception. She would be a cute witch, not a scary witch! Avery had an old dance recital costume- I can't believe she even tried it on. She said she needed a hat, so off to Spirit Halloween Superstore we go.

We walk into a huge warehouse that is literally wall to wall in Halloween paraphernalia!! We found a witches hat, she "needs a broom" and if meant we could leave sooner--grab the broom. Wick eyes a rasta hat. Cute hat with built in dreds. Great, you now have a costume too. All four down!!!

We get to the Halloween party (thank you C and C) and Issy won't go in. She hates her costume and doesn't want anyone to see her in it!! Wow-- we finally talked her into putting on a jacket, not wearing the hat and I carried the broom. We did manage to take this one picture first:)

So the Halloween that wasn't going to cost a dime, cost me $28 and all but the hat, didn't even get used!! Next year, we will start planning earlier!

We all ended up having a great evening with the kids and our friends.

Any creative costume ideas out there?? I would welcome the suggestions.


Katy said...

Sounds so very exciting! It cost me 4.99 plus shipping (eBay)
The kids look great, and I might add...I dared to go into Party City on halloween day...not a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha!!! Issy's face tells no lies! I love it! Whatever happened to her being a wapper??

Lori said...

Wayyyy too funny! They look adorable! One "holiday" down and a couple more to go with four kids! Cherish these last few photos as the family unit as it is until the next (wonderful) chapter begins! This will be the last Halloween with four kids - crazy huh? :)

The Hausams said...

Hahaha! We had the opposite problem. Everyone was going to do homemade costumes, but the kids hemmed and hawed until the last minute about what they wanted to be. We ended up at the superstore, with no one really thrilled about it. I told them that next year they have to come up with an idea for a homemade costume by 10/1 so we've got plenty of time to prepare! :) Your kids look GREAT!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

WOW! I can't believe I get to meet you tomorrow....we are so excited! You can't get any better than Corinne, the Mayernicks, and the Oatsvalls in one place. God is so good! Your family is so precious!

Lindsey Wheeler

Stacy Ann said...

A friend of mine was a box of puppies once. She got a big cardboard box and painted her face like a dog and attached a bunch of stuffed dogs around the box. I haven't seen any pictures but I'm guessing it was pretty cute. Have a good weekend!!!

Melissa said...

They are so cute and I'm glad you had a great time. Issy, I'll take you someplace special to make up for what your momma did to you. :)

Ellen said...

She makes a cute witch and I'm sure she got plenty of candy. What's not to be happy about? :)

Misty said...

that is hilarious!! lol i love Issy's face! she's like me in that way i think....we both have a hard time faking the way we "really feel" HA!!

Laura said...

What a GREAT idea to have the kids come up with their own costume ideas from things they already have. Encourages creativity while saving money...I like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Someday your kids will read this post and laugh histerically as we have all just done.

The picture is priceless.

And creativity? You should know me well enough by now to know that I don't do creativity. or time-consuming. or crafty.


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