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amazing photographer
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

shots and jessie b

This is the crew getting our shots at the health department. I was so proud of the kids. They DO NOT like shots, but they did awesome! The kids didn't think it was funny when Moody said "Merry Christmas guys, hope you like your yellow fever shot!" :).....he was just kidding.

I realized that I haven't officially introduced Jessica. What would our family do without Jess?? Wow, don't want to think about it! The Lord blessed us years ago with Jess when she walked into Moody's office looking for a job. Praise the Lord he hired her and she has been a constant in our lives ever since. She can literally walk in the door, and we can walk out the door for a weekend + -- no instructions, no worries!! She LOVES my kids and my kids LOVE her. Our guest bedroom is called Jessica's room, and we all love it when she spends the night. She is family. She is fun! Fortunately for her I don't know how to post home video yet, but when I learn- you will see one sweet High School Musical 2 music video. She loves Jesus, and has fully embraced all things adoption related. She is traveling with us and we are so thankful. She will be an invaluable help, allow us to bond with the kids, and still give H, W, A and I the opportunity to experience Ethiopia!

Week 13 has come and mom's birthday is Tues, that would be a great present!


Anonymous said...

Awwweeee! How sweet! :) My life is so blessed by you guys! So many priceless memories! I can't wait for the memories we will have from the trip to Ethiopia...what a life changing experience for all involved! Love you guys and all six of those kiddos!

Melissa said...

We want a Jessica for Christmas!

Susan said...

Amen Melissa...our family would love a Jessica too! All you need is a call!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I love that Moody told them "Merry Christmas..." My kind of humor indeed!!

Lori said...

Jessica sounds incredible! Does she travel cross country for babysitting help?? :)

Cute picture too! By the way... I'm worried because our local travel clinic told us to wait before starting our "rounds"! Eek! I better make some more calls!

Jennifer said...

I had a "Jess" growing up. Her name was Deanna and she was awesome! I absolutely idolized her.
I am so glad that your whole family gets to share in the incredible experience of travelling to Ethiopia. What a great experience all of you are going to have!

JRT said...

You are all traveling? That is so great! I guess your travel will be so close to your referral that you get shots now? Vietnam has some issues right now. It is all so precarious and unknown isn't it! So glad for a sovereign God.

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I am praying and so hopeful that you will hear something soon! Your family is the cutest!!

Annette said...

Wow, this picutres gives me butterflies (the good kind) for you guys! Makes it seem like it is just around the corner...and it is! :) WOO HOO!!!

Keva said...

I am still in awe that your whole family is going to Ethiopia. But I too would not have it any other way. I can't wait to hear the stories that come from your children. You will have to let each one tell their story on your blog. Hoping it comes soon for you guys.

The Hausams said...

Oh, how I wish we all could have gone! That is such a blessing! I love the photo. And, I love that you have a Jessica. What a treasure!

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