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amazing photographer
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Monday, November 19, 2007


I am having Thanksgiving here this year-- we will have a house full, and it will be a blessing to have all those that I love under one roof. I always need a function here to motivate me to clean up piles and finish those decorating projects!

I have so much to be thankful for: a loving, gracious, and merciful Heavenly Father, a faithful, hot and supportive husband, 4 precious kids here and 2 more in Ethiopia, perfectly dysfunctional family :), parents excited to travel to ET with us to get the kids, a sister with a HUGE heart for Africa and a loser for a husband (that is a long-standing joke, Kel and Joey are of two of my very favorite people in the world), brother committed to ministering to the inner city and the funniest person that I know for a wife (she is also a dear friend), fun, generous and super involved in-laws, a brother and sister-in-law that live in the mountains (well, next to them anyways), a sister-in-law that is a blast to work and play with (her family is fun too), 8 awesome nephews and 4 precious nieces, JESSIE B, great friends-many here and some too far away, good health, a country where we are FREE, our house, our neighbors, a healthy practice, 3 sweet dogs (except at 6:30 each morning), blog friends, a few faithful readers of this here blog :), an agency committed to so much humanitarian aid in Ethiopia and to placing children in their forever families...........I could go on and on. I am blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


solas4me said...

We all have much to be thankful for and we owe it all to God and his Grace and provision in our lives. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness with us all.
"A Darling Life"

Shawn and Jami said...

Happy Thanksgiving Alexanders!

Lori said...

You are a wonderful person and your family (and blog friends) are thankful for you! :)

The Hausams said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love your list. We truly are so blessed. God is SO GOOD! Have a wonderful, happy family time on Thursday. What a wonder woman you are for hosting! You are SuperMOM!

-Gurske Adoption- said...

WELL DONE! You a blessed family. Happy Thanksgiving, we pray for your Referral!


Bill said...

And "the parents" are so very thankful for you, the baby girl, and all the rest of our heaven-kissed family....including those little ones known from the foundation of the world and chosen to be yours.
We love you!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys and am soooo completely thankful for you guys! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

--KIDS--Get ready for the ultimate Wii Tourney!

Erica said...

Beautiful post!! Happy Thanksgiving!


oh how i have missed you ... i have major jet lag and can't sleep ... maggie is doing so well... went to doctor today and see specialist in two weeks ... i just love our picture, don't we look as if we have all been friends for years ... that was just the sweetest time and such a preparation for the two weeks to come in China ... Satan's mission is to attack us as we bring home our children into covenant homes ... Our God is so big and will stand with us and fight for us !!!! Thank You Lord ... I just love ya sister .... I held Caleb on Tuesday ... what a blessing !!!

Ellen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Now would be a great time for a referral!

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