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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

who me?

I don't know why my mommy is so mad at me! She had to run Wick to football practice and I didn't want to go. I hate to ride in the car. Of course Charlie and Tibbi hopped right in the car, they love to ride in the car. Tibbi hangs his head out of the window and lets the wind blow his ears back. Charlie sits in Hill's lap and couldn't be more content. I usually throw up in the car, so I didn't go.

Apparently mom and Avery worked hard preparing dinner for tonight. Apparently mom paid a little extra for some Organic chicken breasts! Who knew? All I know is they smelled really good as they were sitting on the counter, just waiting to go in the oven.

Mom was NOT happy when she came home. She made me go outside and I guess worked hard to clean up the mess that I made because when I came back in-- the kitchen was clean. She was still mad at me though.

Wow, that barbecue she went to pick up sure does smell good too! I wonder what time she has to leave to pick up Wick from practice??????


Laura said...

Hey there...Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

I just about fell off the couch laughing so hard at this post about the pup eating the chicken. He's so can you be made at that face? :)

Take Care!!

The Hausams said...

Hahaha! That's hysterical. Every now and then one of our devious little dogs gets up on the kitchen table and eats like a fiend until I can race over there and swat them off. Sneaky little poochies!

Anonymous said... do Tibbus and Mochus get into stuff I literall push ALL the way back on the far edge of the counter??! What is the deal with our dogs lately?? MInes trying to bite my face off and yours is feasting on your family dinner..nice...really nice...

I may just with hold Christmas from Tobey this year...

Lori said...

I can't stand it - very cute and funny (for me)! Snoopy took a piece of pie of the counter last week too (first time)! These little pups - what are ya gonnna do?? Just keep loving them!! :)

Melissa said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Love it. That's a middle child for you. Samson ate 3lbs of marinated, grilled chicken one time. We had peanut butter and jelly. Love you!

Susan said...

I've lost 2 whole pork tenders that way...with Gus. Woody doesn't get the run of the house quite yet or I'm sure I'd come home and catch him fixing himself a sandwich and watching something on Tivo.

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

That is hysterical!! HE IS SO CUTE!!

Candy said...

Mo took one from Lady's playbook on this one! Remember the brownie and roll incident? We found rolls hidden all over the house! His expression is pretty clueless!
Great blog.

Candy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
emily said...

So you don't have to worry if someone wrote something mean- I deleted the above comment b/c my sweet mama posted the same comment twice:)

Anonymous said...


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