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amazing photographer
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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sweet 16? I guess that is true for turning 16 years old, but waiting for a referral-- not so much. Waiting is hard. Tomorrow will mark 16 weeks of waiting. I really feel like it will come soon. I have been around international adoption just long enough though to know that we may be waiting another 16 weeks. I sure hope not......

Trusting in the One that has ordained these two precious kids to be Alexander's before the foundation of the world! That gives me peace.


Ellen said...

I love the pictures you put up for each number. Praying it will come SOON!

The Fournet Family said...

I hope they come home soon too.

I am trying not to count the weeks too much for us....I am not too big on my math skills:) I think we are at week 9 or 10... it does get harder each week. We are busy and happy here in Dallas....the waiting is getting hard for me thinking of our precious kids waiting....

Praying Isaiah 40:31 for them daily
Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles,they will run and not get tired,they will walk and not become weary.

Pray you get your referral soon!


thornegroms said...

We are at week 5 and I am getting impatient. I cant imagine 16. I will pray that you get the call soon! Blessings

Melissa said...

My lucky number is 16! Ok, it's not really but I know we're going to get that call before Christmas! We're going to get a call, right? I'm not going to find out on your blog who our new cousins are, am I?
Seriously, it's not about me. We're waiting impatiently with you!
Love you!

The Hausams said...

You continue to exhort and bless me with your trust in the Lord's perfect timing! Praying for you guys that it's not too much longer...

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Praying for ya'll....and for the little ones that will be in your family. Your patience amazes me!! I am praying that the pics come ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Did you see those cards????
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-Gurske Adoption- said...

You are in our prayers each week. The one thing I LOVE about your blog and reading your posting is feeling the love in your family and that everyone is soooo excited about this journey and are ready to except new siblings.

I know if my parents growing up would have said "kids were bringing two more kids into our family (that would have made 6 children in our family)" We all would have run for the hills hahaha. But you raise your family through such strong relationships with one another, that, well, "the more the merrier" I LOVE IT!

I can only hope my family will be blessed in the same ways and with the same amount some day :-)

Take care...praying for your referral

Bethany :-)

powelladoption said...

I just ran across your blog and I now am going to praying for you to hear about your new children soon! Adoption is a huge blessing and also a great challenge. We just brought our two children back from Guatemala Mateo (3) and Elisabeth (16months) So it has been a very crazy journey for us, it is so encouraging to see others on the same journey.

Jana said...

I am always checking your blog...expectantly!!! :)

Katy said...

praying for you guys, always - and those sweet kids waiting for you to come get them and bring them home!

Keva said...

I have been dying for you to check your blog so you could see. We are so thrilled. They said they would give us updates and pictures twice monthly. So, be looking out. By the way I finished your order tonight...YEA!! they will be in the mail hopefully on Mon.


sweet friend, think of the wait as God preparing your children ... He is helping them to realize their forever family is coming, He is helping their hearts to prepare for you ... When they get home it is forever with you and all the fabulous memories to come ... try to sleep now because that may come to a halt (hee hee) ... miss checking in on you daily, but I pray for those sweet children each day and know it will be a glorious life changing day when you get the call and see their precious faces ... love you ...

Anonymous said...


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