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amazing photographer
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

plumpy nut

Thanks to my friend Jamie- I have a very encouraging story to share with you! Please take a moment to watch this Anderson Cooper video about Plumpy Nut and how it is literally changing lives.


Susan said...

How funny...I saw that yesterday from some random link. Amazing how something so simple is saving babies from certain death. I want to go get my medical degree and go to work over there.

Chuck and Jenny said...

Emily, I saw that on 60 minutes last weekend with Anderson Cooper. I bawled the entire time...tears were just streaming off my chin! I did end up blogging about it also. Very very moving!


Melissa said...

I loved watching this and listening to the dr. He was so matter of fact. Amazing!

The Hausams said...

Awesome! I'm sharing your post, too.

Misty said...

no i have not heard that song! maybe i need to borrow some team Alexander that one, and phil vasser, and hairspray...

Keva said...

Truely amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Shawn and Jami said...

I saw this as well and was so encouraged. Hey, saw your mom and dad at church and "C" told me that they will be going with you...I almost started crying. If you could have seen the joy on your mother's face, it was priceless!How about dinner soon?

Anonymous said...

ok so Ave said Nanny picked her I'm changing to November 12th (the day before)! I know it is really soon, but what can I say?!

The Breedlove family said...

Thanks for sharing such an amazing report. I watched it and feel so encouraged by what I saw. I grew up not far from Niger (in Burkina Faso)...and I am so thankful for Dr.s Without Borders...they do incredible things, don't they? Thanks again for posting it. Amy

Lori said...

When I first read the post titled "plumpy nut", I thought perhaps you were going to talk about your crazy new blogger friend "Lori".... Just kidding - I just love this whole mission and what it's doing for the children. Do you know of any way that we can get together as a group and get an American Co. to step up to the plate and help?? It would only help them as a company - what great p.r..... We should look into this a bit more, what'ya think?? Perhaps we should brainstorm? Send an email if you think we should persue it further.

:) Lor

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