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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

drawn from water- part 2

How cute is that?? It could be yours if you head on over to here and purchase a raffle ticket!! All proceeds will go to help fund this new project.  

I'm so moved by
this organization and how quickly they have SEEN and taken RESPONSIBILITY. Below is some information from their website on ways you can help make a huge impact right now. In Ethiopia- a little can go a long way to change the lives of these precious kids that were literally given a second chance at life.

(If you haven't watched the video from yesterday- please take the time to do so.)  


We hate big organizations who don’t tell you where your money is going and wanted to make sure we start this of on the right foot. So before you go any further, here are the stats about where your money is going. 97% of the funds that are collected go directly towards this project (the 3% is for processing your credit card). The US based organization is completely sustained by the organizers and does not take any funds from these donations. So in other words all the money goes where it should, to help the kids. Here are just a few of the expenses we are looking for supporters to cover.

Electricity —————————————————-$25 Per month
Water ———————————————————$25 Per month
Food/per child ———————————————–$57 Per month
Nanny 1 ——————————————————-$80 Per month
Nanny 2 ——————————————————-$80 Per month
Cook ———————————————————–$75 Per month
Rent ———————————————————–$270 Per month
Pick up a new child from tribe - Car / Driver————–$500 each trip

Upon clicking the above “Make a Donation” button, you will be redirected to our secured online giving site. Our supporting 501(c)3 is The Rock of Roseville. We have also partnered with “Network for Good” to process our credit card payments. 


Bethany said...

I am playing blog catch-up right now and I sooo needed this video and info about this organization. It keeps me alive and thirsty for more. I am on my way to read more about them. I am excited to see how our hands will play a bigger part in the lives of those we so love in Ethiopia.

Thanks friend...

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