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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Sunday, June 3, 2007

time well spent

good to watch--got this from my friends at Eyes Toward Ethiopia but they are way more advanced in the blog world than I am!! I can just get a link here but can't figure out how to have the screen appear and all you have to do is hit play! I told you I had much to learn. So if you have the time (about 20 min), click the link and watch Bono at the National Prayer Breakfast. Feel free to contact me with instructions on how to get the actual video to appear here:)



Jana said...


go to, search for "bono national prayer breakfast" and you should be able to pull it up. go over to the right. it should say "embed" or somthing like that, and have a html code there. highlight the code, right click, then click "copy." go back to your blog, start a new post, then right click again, and click "paste." this should embed the video screen in your post. i think! you might see just code until you publish it. email me if you are confused! :)

J said...

Em--I can help you do this! She gave you the right directions...people paste these on their myspace pages all the time...remind me if you need help!
The page looks great! CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Love you guys!

Tarah said...

My name is Tarah and I found your blog from Rae's! What an exciting time for you all! We brought home our baby girl from Ethiopia March 3rd. It is an amazing experience. Looking forward to following your progress!

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