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amazing photographer
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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Moody and I are in Austin visiting my sister and her family. We took the opportunity to get one of our documents needed for the dossier certified while we were here. It was very easy. We went to the apostille office across the street from the capitol and in about 10 minutes, we were on our way! Feels good to be making progress.........


Anonymous said...

sounds like a long process...I guess it's better that way! good luck and I am still soooo excited for you guys!


Mom said...

OK! I've been out of it in New Mexico and have just read all the blog! "Amazing grace" is what I have to say. The theme of adoption so prevalent in Scripture will literally be "lived out" and witnessed by those who will read and see your family go through this process. That the Lord of the Universe adopts us who are His children and makes them sons and daughters is beyond belief. That He then allows us to show that same mercy in adopting others is amazing! May God continue to bless and keep all the Alexanders and speed the coming of these two new little ones into our family.
We love you all!
Mom (aka Candy)

Kate said...

yea!!! Im so excited. Yall are such an example and inspiration to us! oh, and the blog is great....Im so glad you got on the bandwagon....:)

Tibbi and Mo (Jess) said...

We can't wait for the new addition(s) to our family too!!!!!! We promise not to eat any of their toys or shoes!!! Have fun this week!!!
Tibbi and Mo

Anonymous said...

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