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amazing photographer
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Monday, June 4, 2007

ready for a good cry?

Do you ever get in trouble for just reading other peoples blogs and posting things on your own? At least I acknowledge the thoughts aren't original.

Watch this video-it shows a precious love for a child! It doesn't have to do with adoption but does have to do with giving God glory.


Jessica Brown said...

Wow...thanks for the tears! :) So sweet...! The verse from Job at the end was so perfect...! God just has plans we don't understand sometimes but through it all He blesses us so much and His plans are always better than the ones we try to make for ourselves. :)

Katy Wakin said...

Thanks a lot Emily...Now that I can not longer see strait or breathe....I am so thiankful for what I have, and at times take that for granted. Thanks for the wake up call!

vicki said...

My beautiful daughter, Misty, was telling me this story. I searched for days and finally located the story. Now my problem is, the story is no longer available for viewing. Do you have a clue as to how I can review the story now and actually read it and have a nice cry?

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