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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

as promised

For those of you who need more details, here is my (Moody's) version of the Alexander's FAQ:

1. Why are you adopting? Isn't four enough?
For the longest time, four was more than enough! As many of you have heard us say, we were very content with our family size and felt fulfilled (and took medical steps to guarantee that!) The kids on the other hand have always asked if we can have more children. Six months or so ago, God began slowly opening up our hearts to the idea of adoption. We have ultimately come to the realization that this is what God wants for our family and we consider it a privilege to be called to it.

2. Why Ethiopia?
Several of our dear friends have adopted internationally (the Hilliards, Hurleys, Kelleys), not to mention my sister Shanna and her husband Luis. So when we thought adoption it was always international. We have been interested in the plight of Africa and our hearts have been touched by the tremendous need and orphan crisis there. One of Em's college buddies (thanks Kristin!) sent us a prayer letter about her upcoming trip to Zambia to work in an orphanage this summer. As a family, we watched the DVD about the mission. Of course, we were touched and made a prayerful commitment to go as a family in summer 2008. Then little Isabelle began asking "why can't we just bring one of those kids home?" That was a prick that opened a floodgate! Turns out, that even though there are 25 million orphans in Africa, Ethiopia is one of only a handful of African countries that allows for international adoption. They have the longest tract record (since 1998) of successful placements in the United States.

3. Why two?
There is a great need for homes for siblings as they will not split them up. We think it will help with transitions if there is a familiar face. Plus, the kids couldn't decide between a little brother or sister! We are requesting a "boy/girl sibling set between the ages of 5 and 1"

4. What is the process?
We have picked an agency, Wide Horizons for Children. Our homestudy was done last week. We are hoping to have a dossier completed by the end of July and sent in. A dossier is a packet of multiple papers, forms, official documents, financial statements, physicals...Once the dossier is received by the agency and approved by the Ethiopian government, we will receive our referral. That is a big day because that is when they call and say we have your two new children! Photos and health histories are sent. Usually 3 to 6 months go by from when we accept our referral to the call that says "you can go to Ethiopia on this date and get your kids" Typically, you have only a 2 -6 week notice from your assigned travel date. We are planning (and saving!) to take all the kids with us. We are telling folks sometime between January and May.

5. How can we pray?
That God would protect us and the kids in the process, from spiritual attack, from doubt and fear. That God would care for the two precious children He has already picked for our family (even though they could not even be orphaned yet). For patience in the long process


JRT said...

Emily, Greetings! It's Jennifer (Jen Ross) Tompkins. I just spent the weekend with ML who filled me in on your life. I am so excited to hear about your upcoming adoptions, as we are in the process as well (but with Vietnam and not siblings!). I would love to talk soon; I have your #. AND I started a blog about three days ago too (and I also was surprised at myself). Will be in touch; so encouraged myself by you two!! Jennifer

gwen oatsvall said...

hello, i am friend of Corrine's from TN and my husband and i are on our second adoption from China (with two bio sons also) and we have been praying about adopting from a africa next ... i am very excited to follow your story ... we are also interested in a sibling group and have requested information from your agency ... i hope i can ask you questions as we journey this same road with you ....

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