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amazing photographer
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Monday, June 25, 2007


We have officially finished our dossier!!! There is nothing else that we can do but wait!! It feels so good to have it out of our hands now. I know the Lord will have many opportunities to teach me patience in the coming months.

I will overnight everything tomorrow am to the appropriate places:) You can pray that we receive our 171-H (really important document) in a timely manner. This is the document from our government stating that we can bring an orphan back to the states. The time that you receive these varies state by state. Some come as quickly as two weeks and others take up to 3 months. Please, please pray that we are on the quicker side. We can't officially go on WH waitlist until we receive this coveted piece of paper.

Issy asked tonight, "so mommy, you put these in the mail tomorrow and then we can go to Africa to get our kids?" Precious and how I wish it were that easy!


The Elliott Family said...

What a relief! Isn't that an awesome feeling?! even more fun begins :)

Jana said...

wow. things are just clipping along!!!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on getting your dossier completed! I am just now starting the paperwork, so I can imagine it is going to be overwhelming. You have a beautiful family and it will be fun to see the children God adds to it. We'll be praying for you guys!!

J said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! ...can you tell I'm a just a little bit excited... ;)

Rebecca said...

Since you commented me twice, I don't have to wait until your next post! I noticed you had same kind of different as me on your favorite books list! That is one of my favorites as well! My friend gave it to me (she is from Dallas and has some kind of connection with the guy that wrote it). Anyway, I thought it was interesting you had it as a favorite because I didn't know it was a widely read book. Fun stuff!


don't ya just love a child's heart .. will pray for quick document turn around .. ours took about 8 wks, but that is TN ...look forward to calling you soon and discussing your journey ...

Kate said...

Yea!!! Im so excited! We'll be praying for that other paper to come quick! I think I also left my hawaii shirt at the pool :) Tell issy she can have the sunglasses :)

Kate said...

just fyi...the link to our page from your page doesnt work. : ) not that its a big deal...was just looking at all your links and noticed it...

Emily and Moody said...

thank you Katheryn-- it's fixed:)

The Breedlove family said...

We are also adopting from Ethiopia. We recently moved from San Antonio to Indiana. I will look forward to following your journey. Our site is

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