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amazing photographer
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Loaves and Fish- our last dental day

Our last dental day we were back in Korah.  After counting our supplies the day before, it was estimated that if we were very careful, we might be able to see just over 100 patients.

The days get busy, a non stop flow of patients coming in through the door.

Everyone is working hard!
Occasionally stopping for pics, but mostly working. :)

We anticipating finishing up before lunch but around 1:00, my friend Jessica asked me to look at the sharps container.  After the second day the container was not half way full.  I looked at it now and it was literally filled to the top.  Twice as many patients seen?? It was simply impossible.  I looked at the table again of our anesthetic and needles, well still there.  More.  More patients to see.  Unreal.  Goosebumps for everyone that was there.  Every patient seen.  Over 220 that day.  And we had to pack up a few supplies to take home.

Allow yourself to be in situations where nothing in the natural makes sense.  Where the ONLY choice is to stand in awe, humbled that you were allowed to take part in His goodness, His glory.  

With the vast majority of our supplies still sitting in Bole airport, the Lord provided exactly what we needed to see every patient that we were meant to see.  What a gift and incredible lesson to the team that HE is enough.  He works His purposes without our supplies- for our good and His glory!

I also happened to turn 40 this day! A long post on that next because, really-- if you must turn 40, by all means do it in Ethiopia.  The most fun birthday that I have ever had!  One quick b-day fact!  I got the very best gift ever that morning.  Moody and I had received a November 1st court date just as the courts were closing in August.  We had a few people praying that somehow the judge would see us while we were there.  We knew it was a long shot by a mile, especially since the judge was doing training in Addis the week we were there.  Abdissa called this morning and said that we needed to be at court by 9:00 am!!  We were packing up to head to Korah.  We quickly changed, grabbed our passports and raced to court.  We were allowed to see the judge and satisfy that portion of the court process.  It won't speed the process up for us, but it will allow us to stay home until embassy.  This was truly the best birthday gift!!  We now wait for our MOWA letter to officially pass and introduce her to you!


Jen said...

Still am amazed at the modern day bible story! Snuck one of the most amazing God stories in there :) Love it! Love you guys and her.

Kameron said...

Goosebumps! We serve an amazing God, why do we ever doubt!? My husband is on his way to ET right now with Mark Wolbert.They too will serve in Korah. What an honor to serve the King there. Thank you for sharing!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Gives me chills. Not surprised though. God is God! What a blessing to experience His provision. Love reading about your trip!

We Are Family said...

OH WOW!!! What a blessed day! Congratulations!!!


Holli said...

Really no words to describe Gods provision!!! An amazing God we serve! I agree if you have to turn 40 then do it in ET! Was great to celebrate with you and the whole team! Think you should turn 40 again next year! We can do it all again!!!!

Deena said...

AMAZING!!!!! I have goosebumps too! I am so happy for you...can't wait to see your little princess!

Robbins' Nest said...

great news about your court appt! God is so good. Can't wait till you pass and get Embassy appt!! And happy birthday!

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