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amazing photographer
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 3- Adama and meeting #7

I didn't sleep very well.  Think night before Christmas.  I was filled with so many emotions that morning.  When we adopted Abe and Eyasu, the moment they were placed in my arms, they were MINE. This time I knew meeting her would be surreal, another moment where God shows me in such a tangible way just how BIG He is, just how much He loves me, just how thankful I am for my own adoption as a child of the King.........but I also knew it would be painfully hard to say good-bye.  I was trying so hard to be present and in the moment and not allow the "saying good-bye" part to ruin the "hours together" part.

We finally arrived in Adama and were greeted by Tezera, the YWAM director there.  My heart was now officially racing.  We walked in and I knew the nannies were quickly getting her ready......I love this picture because it shows little Miss has paparazzi!

We pray that this moment, as Moody, Wick and I met our sweet baby girl, was a blessing to those on the team.  That they saw a glimpse of Jesus and His very heart for the orphan.  That in this moment, she was an orphan no more.  She had a family (mom, dad, brother, both grandmothers, an aunt and niece along with a host of friends) to love her forever.

Her nanny and Mim seeing her precious face for the first time!

And there she is! Words can not describe this moment..........

Wish I could show you what we saw, the beautiful babe that was then placed in my arms, but I can't until we officially pass court! Trust me, she is the cutest.

She was naturally not sure of these new faces but slowly warmed up to us.  We spent as much time as we could with our little one, letting her know she was loved and we would be back as soon as possible.

While I was spending time getting to know her........the incredible team was kicking off the first dental day.

YWAM - Adama.  Beautiful people that were a joy to treat. 

Holli, patient buddy expert!

This post is getting long so I will explain more about the dental days in the next few posts.  We were witness to incredible things and the Lord provided for each of our needs!

It was time to go and I will say that leaving was horrible.  It simply isn't natural to leave your child behind.  I rest in the excellent care she is receiving in the YWAM home, but it isn't a substitute for family.  Now the most difficult wait begins for us.  I now know her smell, how she fits perfectly in my arms, what her giggle sounds like and all of these will flood my mind on a daily basis until she is HOME, for good, forever.  Trusting in His perfect timing and know that He is indeed bigger than all of the paperwork and red tape that is involved with International Adoption.

After a very tearful goodbye, we loaded up for the drive back to Addis.  Though my heart was hurting, a yummy dinner at Island Breeze certainly helped!  Tomorrow is our first dental day in Korah so we were off to bed!


Anonymous said...

the pictures of you guys seeing your girl for the first time brings tears to my eyes... so excited for you. so thankful that this is just a glimpse of the way our Father feels about each one of His adopted. If nothing else, thanks for that reminder today.

Callie said...

crying in food science class now...thanks Em.
LOVE the picture of Nanny and Mim.
can't wait to watch that little nose scrunch :)

John and Tara Dunn said...

I've been waiting for this post!!!!! So happy that you finally got to meet your beautiful girl!!! I think about your little girl often. She is just so precious! Know that I'm praying for you during this time...right there with you in the thick of it! Can't wait for the day when we're both celebrating the homecoming of our children.

Heather said...

You've got me in tears. Thx. love the paparazzi pic and you and nanny and mim. just so precious!!!

well said about it not being natural to have to leave them behind. :(

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the picture of you seeing your baby girl for the first time!!!
I too am traveling in 2 months for our court date, the thought of leaving our baby has me so upset!! We also adopted 2 years ago, when the child was "MINE" when placed in my arms!! I'M soooo nervous!!
Loved your strength.. Hope I can be as strong!! Praying for a fast Embassy date!!

Sylvia xoxox

Erica said...

Oh Em. My heart broke as I read your words. I know this feeling and I remained in the same country. It just plain stinks. Praying this portion is QUICK and she is home SOON! Love you. The picture of the grandmothers.......priceless.

Holli said...

Expert buddy might be taking it to far..... But I thank you for leaving part of the story out about how I invited everyone back on your behalf!!!!:-) or was that the director..... Glad you laughed it off! I am still hiding from embrassesment! :-) Really so special to witness the miracle of adoption first hand! thank you for the openness for all of us to see!!! ......the goodbye is so hard but the meeting again will be that much sweeter!!!!!!!!!!! Praying it is soon!!!! Miss you all so!!!!

Jen said...

Ahhh. Beautifully written!

Rebecca said...

So glad you finally got to meet your baby girl. The pictures are priceless. Love the paparazzi picture - and of course the pictures of family seeing her sweet face for the first time!

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