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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recap of trip- Day 1

Getting adjusted back to reality but our trip was amazing, life changing and it was humbling to be a part of this team.  So many willing to serve and love the people of Ethiopia.  The Lord provided unity as a team and it was certainly needed! :)

Internet was spotty and our time limited while in Ethiopia so I will go back and recap each day of our trip.  The opposition was strong on this trip was God was faithful and provided for each of our daily needs.  One team member commented that He simply gave us our manna, just enough for that day!

We had a few issues with flights being delayed, etc on the trip over.  Our team had great spirits and attitudes through it all.  Who knew that a strike by the Greek air traffic controllers would impact our flight to Addis.

We eventually landed in Addis and started collecting all of our baggage.  Amazingly only 1 bag didn't make it- it came a few days later.

We had all of the necessary paperwork to get our many dental and humanitarian aid supplies through customs.  Moody and our dear friends in Ethiopia work tirelessly prior to these trips to secure the proper documents needed to allow for smooth travels through customs.  Last year we got 120 bags through with no issue.  We had many praying at home for the same experience this year.  The Lord had other plans.

A few team members got their bags out with no problem but then it all came to a halt!  It was rather crazy with bags being pulled to the side, we were pulling out our official papers signed by the various government agencies, Moody's official license to practice in Ethiopia, our humanitarian aid letter for the infant formula, etc to show we had cleared all of this prior to arrival.  It was a Saturday night, we were already exhausted and it appeared that no one knew what to do or ultimately who had the authority to let us go or not.  They began to open each bag, trunk and bin one at a time.  We had to pull out any personal items and then they kept any medicine, dental equipment and infant formula.

After a VERY long time, the team headed out to load the vans and get to the hotel.  Moody and Kurt stayed behind with our dear Ethiopian brothers to attempt to sort out the customs issue.

Apparently it went downhill for the guys at the airport and they finally decided to try to work it out the next day.  They arrived at the hotel around 3:30am.  Tired and weary but knowing the Lord must have a great work ahead for the team!  Thankful to be back in Ethiopia, it was off to bed for a few short hours. :)

More to come on Day 2!


Danae said...

Can not wait to hear all about your trip....One of my good friends Holli was on your trip and it sounds like you guys had an amazing time!!! maybe next year steve and I can tag along:)

The Stiffs said...

Welcome home. Can't wait to hear the rest.

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