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amazing photographer
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

day 4- Korah dental day #1

Tuesday a.m we woke up and set out for our first dental day in Korah.  We were blessed to be working in the same facility for 3 full days (that was the plan at least, depending on our supplies!).  Thanks to Tamara, Yemamu and Hands for the Needy for making this possible!

Team working hard to get ready to roll!

 They people begin lining up early!
 Our patient buddies are amazing.  They show great love and compassion for those experiencing a trip to the dentist for the first time!  
 Part of our fearless sterilization crew! 
The instruments that got through :)

 You can't spend time in Korah without having your heart broken for the reality of life for some.  Our team loved the people well.  Know these babies broke many hearts for sure.

Sallie, our gatekeeper for 2 years!  

Sadly Moody missed this day of dentistry as he continued to jump through various hoops trying to get the rest of our supplies! It was determined if they spent a very large sum of money, they could get the supplies out of customs.  The whole situation was so frustrating and even then they had no real guarantee they would be released.  Moody told them they would no longer try to get the supplies, they would remain at the airport. They tried to purchase more anesthetic but apparently there were only 2 boxes in the entire country???!!! So, they bought more antibiotics and we trusted we would be able to care for those we were meant to treat. After seeing over 281 patients this day, we were all amazed at the way the Lord continued to provide what we needed for that particular day!  God was clearly at work.

Dinner at Makush was exactly what we needed to recharge for another full day in Korah on Wednesday!


Lindsey said...

Seeing your pics and knowing that you guys were at the HFN center loving on all those precious mouths makes my heart ache. Ache with love, hurt and thanks! LOVE you guys and what you do.

Beth said...

Hi Emily, My name is Beth Hamilton from Kentucky. We talked on the phone about three years ago because I was hoping you had meet my boys when you picked up Abe. Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your trips and how you are helping the people. My younger son, David, from Ethiopia had horrible cavities. He was in the orphanage for a year and we knew that he had cavities when he came in - there is no telling how long he lived with them. But, it was not until we got there to pick up the boys that we knew how bad they were. It did not take a dentist to see that his molars were rotted down to the gums. We knew he must be in so much pain and yet he smiled and loved us. We gave him prescription level Ibuprofen and you could just see the relief. I don't think he even realized that his mouth did not have to feel that way. The hard part was that it wore off before we could give him more and he would come to me with these sad eyes holding his cheeks. He would moan in his sleep. It was heartbreaking. We saw the dentist the day after we landed and he had oral surgery less than two weeks after arriving. I was worried about the trauma of all that on him just after we got here, but he was so happy after surgery and didn't even need pain meds. (The surgeon had told me that he would probably be in less pain post-op than before.) I just cannot imagine this precious little child still living with that pain everyday. So, I want to thank you for all the Davids you are helping. May God continue to bless your ministry and your family.

P.S. Helen and Yarad came home to family here in KY in March.

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