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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

day 5- back in Korah and Meskel

We went back to Hands for the Needy for our second day to treat there.
 Moody back in action!
 Crowd arrived early and kept growing

 Cute little guy getting his toothbrush after his extraction
 Cute Matt

Our very own McGyver!  Makes the perfect sterilizers for our instruments.

We were plugging along and seeing many patients.  At one point we took a quick inventory of our supplies to best determine how to proceed.  We actually had the conversation at one point if it would be better to simply work hard all day long and just blow out all of the anesthetic that we had left or come back the next day and do the best we could with what was left.  After Tanisha, Yasmin, Moody and I talked for a second, we decided to see close to 200 that day and then based on our count, we could see 130 AT BEST the next day.  It was frustrating but better than nothing considering we were running out of supplies.

We saw a little over 200 people and packed up for the day.  It was the Ethiopian holiday, Meskel.  The Meskel celebration includes the burning of a large bonfire, or Demera, based on the belief that Queen Eleni had a revelation in a dream. She was told that she shall make a bonfire and that the smoke would show her where the true cross was buried. So she ordered the people of Jerusalem to bring wood and make a huge pile. After adding frankincense to it the bonfire was lit and the smoke rose high up to the sky and returned to the ground, exactly to the spot where the Cross had been buried.[1]

The night before we got the opportunity to partake in a Meskel celebration outside of our hotel.  They do the fires the night before Meskel!  I forgot to share these in the last post. 
 Mim cutting a rug with Abiy
We went to Cloud 9 for a wonderful meal.  We got to meet up with several full time missionaries currently living in Addis.  What encouragement they were to our team! 


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