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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Do you know what laminin is? I had never heard the word until this morning. We found out last night that our police clearance paper for our dossier had an expired notary. No one caught it until last night, just when it was ready to make a trip to D.C. I went to the police station first thing this morning to get a new one. Apparently the chief of police is no longer there and the interim would be in "meetings" all day! Bummer.

My mom called as I was driving home, and told me that I had to watch this video. It reduced me to serious tears.

Oh Lord, forgive me for questioning for one moment who is in control. Please watch this video, you will be blessed. I am humbled and so thankful that the God of the Universe holds all things together in His hand- even police clearance letters!

P.S- A little while after my pity party and then getting a proper perspective, I got a call that our new police clearance was ready to pick up. I LOVE living in a small town (surrounded by a big city)!! I sent it off. :)


Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

I saw Louis talk about this at the Chris Tomlin concert last year. WOW! We were so Wow'd that a friend that was with us googled it on his blackberry during the concert because we were like "No Way!" Well, he did, and then, well the double Wow hit! :-)


ok, crying again ... i think i cry everyday these days at the amazing Lord we serve ... i am humbled by His power ... today's JC "My power is made perfect in weakness." i love ya and know that your children will be home when God ordains it ... that doesn't mean you can't be sad and frustrated, because that means your love and heart are growing for your children and that honors the Lord ...

TedTracie said...

I saw this as well (in person) and was BLOWN AWAY BY IT.

I love you
Thanks for checking in on me yesterday. You were such a sweet friend. Sorry my phoen died.. as usual

the albertsons said...

All things are possible through Christ who STRENGTHENS me...
Not Christ who makes everything comfortable in our lives... not Christ who gives us stuff while others are starving around the world... not Christ who has a great retirement plan so that we can all feel safe and happy... but CHRIST who STRENGTHENS us for this journey of joy AND sorrow AND pain AND waiting... Christ who holds us together through the storm.
LOVE this Emily... thanks for sharing it.

Holli said...

God might have had many reasons for not having our paperwork done when going in the first time to the police station. But I know that one of the reasons was for you to post about laminin! Thank you for the post, Praise God for the post and of course for the the (laminin) CROSS!
So glad you got the police clearance... Tell Texas to hurry up with my paper work.....:)

homeschoolmomrookie said...

You must really like all of your blog readers to cry. It was quite interesting. Would love to hear more from him.

Lori said...

How powerful is this??!! Wow-ee!

It's beyond fantastic that you got what you needed! Just think if they hadn't caught it at all - sometimes we don't see the miracle in bad news!! Minor little speedbump hun! You're off and running now - Woo hoo! Thanks for this, it brightened my spirit!

Candy said...

Just saw the whole thing. It is awesome. So God worked laminin to look like a cross and men wouldn't even see it until biochemistry was sophisticated enough to have microscopes that could actually SEE it.
I heard once that the incredible underwater world which only a few scuba divers actually see and which is so gloriously colorful and intricate was made for His own pleasure. His Word says we are too. Amazing.
Love you, baby Em

Melissa said...

This is amazing and a wonder that the Lord would give all of us this little glimpse into His amazing creation. We are wonderfully and fearfully made and His timing is perfect, even when it feels otherwise. Love you!

Wendi said...

Astonishing - really! I've seen a lot of scientific evidence that has amazed me, but wow! I love Louie Giglio's approach in sharing God. I haven't heard him speak in YEARS, but was reminded tonight why I used to drive 45 min. every Monday night to hear him speak when I was in college. It may be time to download some sermons...thanks Emily! Even today I've been frustrated that God's timing isn't my timing. Praise be that HE IS working on our behalf and thank you becca (theAlbertsons) for your comment - so true and another great reminder...

Jocelyn said...

I am so glad you got your police clearance worked out!! Now off to authentication and then to Addis!! YAY!!

Melinda said...

I love Louie, thanks for posting that. It was such a blessing to watch. Great news on your police clearance praying your dossier will be back in Ethiopia in no time.

These Three Kings said...

wow... know what..between you and Mel's blog I am not sure who wins the award for "getting the most tears out of Nicole"

wow... i really needed that my friend.. I have been dealing with some things and I really needed to hear that

PRAISE GOD HE LEAD YOUR MOM to show you that video..


Erica said...


Love love love him! He's amazing and we've seen him talk a few times. Most recently at the Christ Tomlin concert last year. I love this video!

Praying for you my friend. Soon. Soon. When those babies are in your arms you'll know that His timing was EXACTLY perfect.

Anonymous said...

please read the poem in our latest blog was sent to me in a daily devotional email and i couldn't help but think of you.
blessings to your nest,

Lori said...

The Gobena is awesome!! MP loves it!! Thanks for finding it and sharing the link! :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad you got it and sent it off! :)


Hauswife said...

Weeping, Emily... Oh my word, the Lord has been telling me over and over that He is the King of everything. Kingship has been a big topic of my heart these days. This video just blows me away... that He should knit our bodies together with the very map of the cross that bore our King as He made our way for salvation astounds me! What an amazing God we serve!!!
Thinking about you this morning. Praying for you, my sister. I'll call you later.

the Steiger's said...

I am so glad God is in control!!! I have to remember that every day.

Jess said...

We are SOOOOOO lucky to go to Louie and Andy Stanley's church. I think he came home and did the "Indescribable" series. He speaks on the grandeur and incredibleness of God in a way that brings me to my knees.

Thanks for sharing!

God truly IS in the big and small things!!!

Anonymous said...

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