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Thursday, April 10, 2008

shout to the Lord!

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I felt like the show last night wasn't as authentic as last years.  It seemed to be more like an awards show.  Honestly, I just wanted to see more video clips of Africa and less of Miley Cirus.  I am not knocking her at all, my kids are big fans, but for her to have two performances and only a few videos of how the money raised last year is working- didn't work for me.  

I still fully support the concept and certainly hope that they raise more money than last year. They are working with some great organizations here and in Africa.  I loved the Annie Lennox and Chris Daughtry clips in Africa.  Beautiful.  I long to be on African soil, to smell the smells, to touch the people- so these certainly resonated with me.  

I was totally blown away last night when Ryan Seacrest said "and to finish the night, our contestants are going to sing Shout to the Lord!"  Wow.  I have already purchased the entire version on itunes.  You should too!

What did you think?

adoption update:  We have our homestudy update on Tuesday night and will be working hard to finish up the required paperwork changes before then-- pray that it all comes together and we are able to get our dossier back to Ethiopia soon. 


Anonymous said...

I am interested in hearing what others thought of the end of the "show" also.

I am familiar with the words of the song, beginning with,

My Jesus, My Savior...seems it was sung, My Shepherd, My Savior.

Wondering what others thought.

Katy said...

My thoughts are right on with the previous post....
Can Jesus' name not be said on television?

I thought it was a great performance though and pretty big time that that song was the finisher.

BUT also, to immediately follow it by Ben Stiller dropping a few little curse words...being bleeped out several times....was not a good finisher.

Candy said...

Amen to your comments. May the Lord Jesus be glorified though His name Jesus was not used in Shout to the Lord-- He IS our "Shepherd" but His name IS Jesus. So, I agree with "anonymous".
And, I pray that whatever monies were raised get to those directly who need the assistance.

Natalie Fournet said...

Praying for you and these details to come together.

My Hannah loved Hannah Montana:)...though she will never know there were 2 performances as she was already snoozing!

I prayed all through that last song...that it would draw the millions of viewers closer Our Savior!!!

Jess said...

I need to watch it on Tivo, we ended up stripping wallpaper last night, ugh. I am sad that there aren't more Africa clips to see. But I am very excited to see "Shout to the Lord!!"

Praying for your paperwork so you can get those sweet kids HOME!!!

the albertsons said...

I thought it was totally amazing that they ended with that song... I was shocked... jaw on the floor shocked. I'm sure someone will sue for being offended, but I thought it was pretty bold of Fox to do that. I of course totally enjoyed it :). They did use "shepherd" and not "jesus" which I thought was comical (like they were trying not to offend), because the whole song was pretty bold ("Lord there is none like you...").
I love it when the unexpected happens :).
Glad things are moving along for you all!!!

Lori said...

You know what I'm going to say right??!! BIG FAT DITTO!!

Praying your dossier get's fine tuned and back on ET soil ASAP!

Don't forget, let me know if I need to call in the enforcers!! ;)

emily said...

Really appreciate the comments here. I agree with anonymous- we immediately noticed that they left out "Jesus" on the show, but the 4 minute recorded version on itunes, plays the whole song. "My Jesus, My savior, Lord there is none like you....." on American Idol itunes, amazing!

Amy said...

How did I miss the last song??? We DVR'd it and it must have got cut off!

I agree with you.. I wanted to see more stories on Africa and less of SNOOP DOG! Are you kidding me? We watched it with Tara and Eric and we were all freaking out when he came out on stage with his crazy diamond studded microphone flashing his name!

I am going to go listen to the itunes song now.

Angie said...

Wow, just catching up with your blog! So amazing...congrats on everything. What a cool journey!!!

Also, if you happen to know where your dear friend got that Superman onesie, would you please email me? I think Noah has to have one too! :)

All the BEST!!!

Erica said...

I agree totally about the show not being anything like it was last year!

Jared and Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jared and Amy said...

We happened to catch the end of the show with our bible study group....we were all shocked that they actually sang "Shout to the Lord". How awesome!!! I am looking forward to watching the rest of the show...even though it sounds like it was nothing like last year!


I agree completely ... I would have also loved to have seen more of Bono ... His heart is incredible and He is doing so much to bring awareness to the world about how some of God's precious children live each day ...

Love Ya Sister !!!

Eric & Tara said...

I was all prepared to bawl my eyeballs out when I saw all the precious African children...but it was much less moving than last year. It really did seem like an award show! Did Teri Hatcher really put on a concert?? What the??

Anonymous said...

Well I haven't been able to watch it yet but last years was SO incredible that I have a hard time believing that this year could be any better and it sounds like my predictions were maybe right. Bummer!

The clips of Africa were the most awe-inspiring last year. I'll never forget watching Simon Cowell ordering people to take that dying woman to the hospital. And Bono, I just love him. I'm sad that there won't be as many clips of the beautiful people this year.

Miley Cyrus got TWO performances>?!?!?! Are you FRICKIN kidding me! That's ridiculous. I wonder if there was a no-show.


LISA said...

Not at ALL like last year! I think your comments are right on target.

Katy said...

Though I'd add that....

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you are aware that they are investigating why not all of the money they have raised in the previous years have gotten to the charities they said they were going to support. I would be very leery of any organization that has so much money coming in, and doesn't have a record of giving it out consistently yet. Just because we see some celebrities in Africa, doesn't make the charity a worthy one!

emily said...

Thank you anonymous (though I wish you would give a name), I agree that "just because a celebrity is in Africa, it doesn't mean that the charity is a worthy one." I do think that the organizations that Idol is working with are indeed doing good works. I have read several of the articles calling the distribution of funds into question (NY Times for one).

I guess that I would rather have the light shed on the enormous problems currently in Africa and not focus so much on the negative. There will always be naysayers when this amount of money is involved- I am choosing to believe the best in these folks. Might they let me down? Absolutely!! Do I pray that the Lord's will be done in Africa and here in the States? Absolutely!

I think Idol gives back provides an opportunity for a large section of America to give to organizations that otherwise they would never know how to- I think many people want to help, but just don't know how.

Pattie & Rob said...

I agree about American Idol I was a little dissappointed this year, I wish they showed more of Africa. I'm not sure if you read the blog called Voice of Adventure, but Angel just returned from Africa, she has a great video on her blog from her trip to Africa. Thought you might be interested.

Amber said...

I completely agree with you that AI didn' play enough clips of where the money was going to and that's probably why they didn't raise the same amount as last year. Still impressive though. I still am in shock that they sang shout to the Lord. Great and bold decision by someone at the network.

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