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amazing photographer
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Friday, April 4, 2008

make gwens day

My friend Keva was gracious enough to give me this "You make my day" award! She has been such a great encouragement to me throughout this whole process.  Keva and her husband have adopted one precious boy from Russia, and they recently returned from Ethiopia with another beautiful boy.  They are in full-time ministry, have an authentic walk with Jesus and have blessed others by their faith in Christ!  Thank you.

I get to pass the award on to someone.  I have so many people that bless me on a daily basis, so it is hard to pick just one!  I am going to give this to my friend Gwen

Gwen has adopted twice from China and longs to journey to Ethiopia to bring home more of her own children.  The Lord has given her vision to create a book that will share adoption stories.

She has an illustrator already on board and many people have generously committed to be a part of the project.  Will you please consider sharing your adoption journey with her?  You can see details on her blog but all correspondence will take place via email.  Email Gwen at to let her know that you are in!!

I know the Lord will bless this venture and use it to bring home 2 (at least) more orphans to their forever family!

Gwen, you make my day!

p.s- On a personal adoption note. Our dossier made it back from Ethiopia to the new agency yesterday. Pray that few changes will need to be made and they will be done quickly so it can travel back to Ethiopia. I appreciate your prayers greatly.


Lori said...

Ok - first things first... yipee yahoo-e on the dossier! Wonderful, amazing, fantabulous!

Go Gwen!! How sweet to have a dear friend and how did I not know about this book??? I'm going to go check out her blog right now!

ps.. thanks for the email!


Em, you just made my day ...You inspire me, encourage me and walk along side of me ... It is rare to find a kindred spirit in the world to walk the hard journeys with and you are one of those people for me ... Thanks for the PR on the book ... God is working ... I have 23 people writing stories and I started my own story yesterday ... I have so many people already saying they will buy it ... Can you already see my children coming home from Ethiopia because of this book!

Congrats on the paperwork process... I know you are anxious to see your sweet children in person ... I pray for them each day! I long to see them posted on this blog standing beside their new forever family!!!

Bill said...

It blesses me as your mom to see all the "forever friends" you have made in your journey of adoption, Em. God's kingdom is indeed a glorious place! And He is ON THE MOVE!

Gurskes said...

What a great award my friend!! You picked the perfect person to honor it too..what a great GAL!

Many prayers for your paper work to go SOOOO OOOHHH SOOOO SMOOTHLY!

Jocelyn said...

I am crossing fingers that your Dossier will be just fine!! I am excited to hear more about your journey to your children!!

Anonymous said...

YAY about the Dossier! That's wonderful excellent news!!!

And congrats on getting the bloggy award! Gwen is sure purty, isn't she? I love that she's doing such a neat project with the adoption stories book. What a great idea!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melissa said...

Uh oh, you're busted.
You deserve the award sweet sister and we're praying for your dossier!

suzanne mayernick said...

what a fabulous post!!! Gwen "makes my day" too! What sweet and encouraging words for her! Her journey has many curves, and i must say that she "rides" them well. She is such an inspiration, and is "the feet of Jesus" on a daily basis. Everybody needs a "thelma" in their life. LOVE me sum Gwen Oatsvall!!!

Hauswife said...

WOW, how cool that Gwen is doing that! Amazing! And, secondly, have you heard anything back about what's going to be required for your dossier yet? I'm praying it's nothing at all!

Anonymous said...


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