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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery!!

Avery and Silas Bottomly. This is the day she committed to praying for a baby!!

First day of school.

Avery with her Charlie. :)

Avery and Abbi- best friends since birth

On the softball field

Tomorrow is Avery's 9th birthday!! Where does the time go? She is a delight, and a joy to parent. She has such a precious spirit and love for life. I'm just so thankful the Lord called me to be her mom! She is working on her culinary skills and we all benefit from her various creations. She can't wait to have the baby brother that she literally prayed for, here in her arms!! She wants us to get a monitor with two listening ends so that she can have one in her room!! Love her. :)

P.S- We met with our awesome social worker tonight.  It was great to see Jenna again and do the necessary updates to keep this ball rolling.  I will say the ball is at more of a slow roll right now and not the fastball that I would prefer.  It is all keeping me at the cross and trusting in Him for all the details.


Erica said...

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Avery!!

We're praying for all of you.

Ellen said...

She's NINE already??!! Wow, time flies. Happy Birthday, Ave! Love you and I'd LOVE to cook with you sometime. (I'm sure you're just dying to know my secret for cinnamon caramel corn :) Hope you have a fantabulous day!!

Hauswife said...

Happy Birthday, dear Avery! What an amazing year this is going to be for you! I pray that the Lord pours buckets of blessings on you as you gain another sister and brother to your family this year.

Love and a hug from your Auntie Laurie!

crazy thorne's said...

Tell Avery that the Thorne's wish her a very happy birthday! She can whip something up for us in August! Lets talk soon! Blessings

Tim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I miss you so very much and I can't wait to chat with you! You are such a precious girl and will be such a sweet sister to both your new siblings. Addi and Seth are very blessed!! I wish I could see you today, but I hope that you have sooo much fun! I LOVE YOU!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Avery! I love that Silas helped seal the deal for her that she wanted a baby brother....what a help she is going to be! A monitor in her room?? Avery calls all night time feedings! :)

Can't wait for more news and for that ball to start moving FAST! It will. :)


Happy Bday sweet Avery !! I can't wait to one meet you ... It is so often the prayers of a child that change the parents ... Can't wait to see her holding her baby brother and playing ball w/ her new sister ...

Love ya girl !!!

Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! She is pure joy to look at, she is a clone of her momma!

Nine, wow! And I just love how she got to play such an important role and got to witness God working! So cool!

Things are good if they're at least moving, even if slower than you prefer. But, let's keep praying that a big giant hill come for that ball to roll down! Have you rec'd any updates or pics. of W & B?? xoxo lor

Jana said...

happy birthday, avery!!!!

Bill said...

Remember so well Avery's entry into this world. She has been, since birth, a precious little soul and a real joy. She has a servant spirit and possesses the gifts of hospitality and giving in full already. We are all richly blessed to have her in our family. And she knows too the power of prayer. Seth is answer to her prayers for a baby.
Happy Birthday, sweet Avery.

Stacey said...

Happy Day! What sweet girl!
I am praying her little brother can be in her arms SOON!!!

Gurskes said...

uhh she is just a doll face! LOVE HER! Keep that faith strong for your TWO BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! I am jumping outta my skin for you to be on that plane!

Anonymous said...

Avery is SO FRICKIN CUTE! I can hardly stand it. Happy Birthday!!!


TedTracie said...


She looks just like her momma!


Miss you!

Jess said...

Oh your children are precious!!!!

Happy Birthday Avery!!! I am so glad you are getting your little baby brother!!!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!! I love fun. It's so great to hear what a sweet heart she is. I hope and pray all the time that we can raise our children to be like that. I'm so glad to hear how things were going...I've been thinking and praying for you guys and your kids. It almost makes it harder when you know who they are, doesn't it? Have a fun day tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

What an adorable girl... I can't wait to see pictures of her with her little brother!
Best wishes... we are thinking of you and praying for you.

Melissa said...


Anonymous said...

What a blessing your Avery has been in my life all of these years...from running up to me with her arms wide open as a two year old, to teaching me how to make mac and cheese, to standing on a stage by me when I get married....awwww...sniffle...I just adore her so much. I hope I can always be the Godly example that you have been for me, Em.

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh Emily, I just caught up on your entire life!!!!!!! I AM PRAYING FRIEND!!!!!!

Janell said...

I am a friend of Abby's and found your blog from hers. We also have just started our adoption journey! We are excited about adding a little Ethiopian girl to our family of four boys. I love this post where you build up your daughter. What a sweet girl and you are a wise mom. Proverbs says a wise woman builds her house and a foolish woman tears it down. Keep building!

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