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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yesterday was a hard day. I took the boys to their baseball hitting lesson as we do every Thursday afternoon. The lessons take place in a big warehouse building, off of a two-lane road. About twenty minutes into the lesson we heard a loud screech, followed by a horrible sound, a sound you DO NOT want to hear! I looked outside to see a dump truck slam into a small white car. Coach Davis RAN immediately outside, I made sure the kids knew to stay put - then followed him.

It took over 45 minutes to cut the man out of the car using the jaws of life, and he was finally care flighted to the hospital. I pray he is o.k, though everything at the scene tells me it would be miraculous if he survived.

I share this story to convey what the I feel the Lord has been working on my heart lately. That I witnessed this accident (though I really wish I hadn't) was no accident. Moments like that force you to view things through a proper perspective. In one second this young man's life changed. Life is precious, and God is sovereign. He is in control of this adoption, He is in control of our kids in Ethiopia, He is in control of the exact time that we will receive the referral, and NO amount of worry will change the fact that HE ALONE is in control. I will trust Him, trust in His goodness, His tender mercies and His timing.

I hugged my kiddos extra tight last night as I put them to bed! I long for the day that we have two new ones to love on and tuck in at night. :)

It has officially been 11 weeks of waiting and I rest in that today.
(The boys coach just called, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital. He was 19 years old. Pray for his family)


The Hausams said...

Oh my goodness, seeing an accident does the same thing to me... Praise the Lord for those moments when He shakes the cobwebs off our eyes so we can see what truly matters and be grateful for the sweet blessings of every day! I'm going to go kiss my babies now.

Annette said...

We were coming home from school on that same road when the traffic began to back up and a policeman started to direct the traffic. I didn't find out till later what had happened. I am in prayer for that poor mother and father...and like you hugged the boy's a little tighter.

Craig and Jaclyn said...

Oh my....that must have been is so true how quick life can be gone. Craig's dad died of a stroke at 58 in was the scarriest quick. But things like that really change how you look on life....I needed that reminder today that God is in control and no worrying will change it.

Lori said...

What a terrible thing to have been there to see... I'm sorry that you had that heartache. I know exactly what that feels like and it's just horrible. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all that life is a gift and we must cherish it and be thankful for each and every day. Especially the days that we feel sorry for ourselves and whatever we might be dealing with. Our problems can overcome us sometimes and we don't see the BIG picuture. I'll pray for his family....

Mrs. Baker said...

I had this aha moment two night ago after watching the Oprah with the two guests that had terminal illnesses with little to no time left. There was one man with less than a month to live and Oprah asked him what he would like to teach his children (all under 6). You could see emotion overcome his face as he tried so desperately to get the words out. I looked over at my sleeping husband and pulled him as close as I could. Life is sweet for sure!


what a horrible moment and how sad for the young man's family ... you are so right about perspective .. i remind myself all the time that the Lord was there my daughters were abandoned and He was there when my Maggie was burned so bad and now He makes a way for me to be there for the rest of their lives .. your two littles will be home in God's timing ... I am trying to work it out so I can come by and hug your neck Sat. night at the Mayernick's ... will be crazy, but I will make it happen ...

-Gurske Adoption- said...

God surely put you in that situation for a reason. You are an amazing woman. I'm very much a believer of that sort of thing. Our family will be praying!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...


That is so terrible. I am so sorry you saw that. But you have to have some sort of trust in the big picture that everyone has their time. You have to hope that there is a reason to make sense of it all, we just don't know it.

His poor. We stopped a couple months ago to help a lady that rear ended the car in front of her so badly that she was (this is graphic and gross) bleeding from her eyes. Mike is a nursing student and tried to distance himself emotionally from what was happening, but it was pretty God-awful.

It's always much harder when it's someone so young like that. I'm sorry Em. I'm glad you had the boys stay back so they wouldn't see.


Anonymous said...

And I forgot to write "family" after "poor" in that comment. Just wanted to clear that up.


Misty said...

wow Emily, I pray you are doing ok after having witnessed such a scene. Yesterday Pastor Clark even shared a similar story with us about a time he came upon a horrible accident. a truck had rolled down an embankment after being hit and he got down there and got the man out and his wife was in the driver seat and he was unable to get her out. :O( sad, yet just as you shared the story of your encounter I thought of how this ties into what i have been feeling so pressing in my heart EVERYDAY for a long time now. just like the songs i talk about on my blog. you 'never know'. I am thankful this morning again that I am loved by our Father and He is in control. No need for us to worry, he is the Shepherd watching over us! we have been studying Psalm 23 at church and I learned more intimately what it means to be a shepherd, how greatly they watch over the sheep (who are pretty much helpless and lost) and greatly care for them.

corinne barfield said...

Okay, I think I just learned how to do this! I am officially joining the blogging world! I am so excited (and privileged) to be "running the race" of life with you, especially during this season! Our understanding of the Spirit of Adoption is going to be radically-enhanced when we look into the two sets of chocolate brown eyes. I cannot wait! Your Nashville prayer partners are ready for your visit this weekend! Love you, Rinne

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