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amazing photographer
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Monday, October 15, 2007


Week 9

Moody here….I asked Emily if I could post “week 9”. She graciously gave me the password and let me go!

The kids and I tried to be creative with #9. I think it typifies what’s going on in our lives right now. We took this pic Friday on our way to the girls’ karate belt test. (They did great by the way, while their black belt brothers helped.) If it’s not karate, it’s something else that tends to keep us moving. As hard as we try to “simplify life”, it continues to go at a fast pace as we wait for our children to come home.

This entire journey has been such a great opportunity to trust God and His sovereignty. When my mind begins to ask “how in the world do two more kids fit into this mix?”, “how do we plan a trip to Ethiopia on short notice?”, “what about missing two weeks of patients, practices, meetings..?” , I have been forced to ask myself if I really believe that God is in control., that He really does have a plan and cares about all the details. Honestly, it’s been good to be in a helpless state before Him, resting in His promises and trusting His provisions.

Here’s to the start of another week. Maybe this will be the week????


Annette said...

Your honesty is refreshing brother! Surrounded by pragmatic “can-do” spirits…it is nice to see an honest understanding that God is in control and is “doing” for His children what they need and in His timing. I know I need a heaping spoonful of that outlook.

Ellen said...

Love the picture of your kids on the grass! Can't believe it's only been 9 weeks, it seems like forever... I wish you would hear SOMETHING.


what a creative post ... love it ... and i agree that our weakness during these times of waiting is refreshing and completely honoring to the Father, who has predestined our children before the beginning of time to be ours!!! I hope this is your week also !!! praying in TN !!!

Lori said...

What a great post! It's so nice to hear from Emily's other half - it's crazy that you'll have six children - where does your sanity come from?? :) And not to mention the patience (not patients) you must have to already be great parents to four beautiful kids! I can't wait for your referral and for things to come. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we all travel together??

Rebecca said...

The "9" picture is too cute!!

I hope you get your referral soon!!

Craig and Jaclyn said...

Loving your #9!! I so hope that you all hear soon!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Moody. You did great!

Love the week 9 picture. I also love that our families are waiting together. Here's to another week of possibility.


Keva said...

That was such a great idea for a picture.

Moody, it is so refreshing to hear from a man with such spiritual leadership in the home. Your wife and especially your children are so blessed. Your influence and what they see in you will lead them to Jesus and from there the Gospel will continue to go out for another generation.

Anonymous said...

I am the ninth comment on the ninth week...You would think I could win a little Ref. Call for my bday...hmmmm....Can I pick a second choice date???

The Hausams said...

Praying for you guys... And CONGRATS to the girls! Our kids love karate, too. They just got their purple belts!


it is funny .. i find myself checking your blog daily in case you get the call ... praying your trip is soon!

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