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amazing photographer
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

which would you choose?

"A report published recently in the medical journal The Lancet concluded that poor water sanitation and a lack of safe drinking water take a greater human toll than war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction combined.
According to an assessment commissioned by the United Nations, 4,000 children die each day as a result of diseases caused by ingestion of filthy water. The report says four out of every 10 people in the world, particularly those in Africa and Asia, do not have clean water to drink."
Imagine that you are a mother living in Dube Bute, Ethiopia.  Water is vital to survival. We all know that right?  So you have two choices. You drop your bucket in the well that sits in the kebele center or you attempt to retrieve water from the muddy spot below.  Both contain potential water borne illnesses, you are constantly aware of that, but you gather the water to prepare meals, wash clothes and bodies anyway. You have no other choice.

As I was standing over both of these places not long ago, it occurred to me that we would most likely shoo our dogs away from either of these places to drink.  These people deserve better. They deserve clean water.  Water that runs clear.  Water free from all waterborne desease.

You can help make that a reality.  Every bit helps.  We will provide the community with 15 new water points.  10 spring protection (most of what I saw in Dali) and 5 hand dug wells.
Thankful to not have the above choice to make, but I can choose to be complacent or fight for the rights of those that have no voice.  I chose to plead the case of my extended family until they have clean water, health care and decent schools to educate their next generation. 


Erica said...

I cannot WAIT to see how God is going to provide for this project.

Gayla said...


Thank you for being such beautiful hands and feet.

Lori S said...

Oh...clean water is very important to me too!! Would love to travel to Ethiopia on a mission trip with you!! Planning one again soon?!

Cindy said...

So glad your family is making this happen. Amazing : )

Rebecca said...

Love all that you guys are doing! Can't wait to see how this all comes about!

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