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amazing photographer
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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Abe didn't sleep much the night before our visit to Korah. I threw myself a decent ole pity party about 3 a.m. I remember having the thought that my life was hard, harder than I wanted. I wanted sleep, was that too much to ask?? Driving through the streets, tears streamed down my cheeks as I was so ashamed Hard? Really Emily? Hard? Oh the condition of my heart.

I have heard many will say that Korah will wreck you. They were all right. Korah, is a city of outcasts within Addis. I have spoken to many that have spent their entire lives in Addis Ababa and they had NEVER even heard of Korah. It is in the west part of the city and is inhabited by lepers, HIV positive, and others society doesn't care for at all. The very least of the least of these. It is located next to Alert Hospital (treats those with leprosy) and the city trash dump. It is very desolate, yet we saw so much joy.

We met up with Cherrie Cornish, a delightful woman that has also been wrecked for this place. This is her 4th trip since April. She helped us greatly with the logistics on the dental day. We met Sammy, a precious soul that was raised in Korah and is now working hard to help better the lives of it's residents. We were able to treat many patients dental needs and also do crafts with many of the children.

A highlight was getting to go on 2 home visits. We walked down the streets holding hands with the local children. Both homes we saw women, too sick to forage in the city trash dump any longer. They now have their children do the work for them so they may eat and find a way to pay the 100 birr rent on their "homes". I am so thankful that Hill and Wick were able to be with me. I think it was a very pivotal moment for them, I know it was for me.

As we were leaving the second home, the heavens parted and down came the hardest, coldest rain. We started running in the rain back to the church. We were soaking wet and our shoes were covered in mud. It was simply an image that I won't soon forget!

We then all walked to Alert to purchase hand made items from their store. Sammy didn't think a larger group had ever visited Alert at once and he was pretty sure that our group of 65 provided the shops largest single day total ever. Praise God. The sweet man that sits and weaves door mats had a smile from ear to ear when he heard that all of his goods were sold out! We all walked back to the church with messenger bags, scarves, crosses, animals........etc in our arms.

I wasn't able to go on the tour of the trash dump as I had to return to the little boys. A few vans did go and from what I hear have some great video footage to share! Have I mentioned that Kurt Neale (guy that married us) is here making an incredible documentary? He is working so hard to capture each story. I pray that it will be a great blessing to many once complete. We are very grateful that he is here as so many things take place and he is getting as many as possible.

Off to dinner.........more soon I hope.

Thank you for praying. We feel it! Please keep them coming.


Shanna said...

Em, thank you for the update.... We are praying and praying.

laura said...


You know that Korah shook me to my very core. I will NEVER forget the sights, the smells, the mud on my bare feet (yes, I wore flipflops my 2nd day!) -

Korah is where Jesus lives and loves.

I am honored to have visited.

Want to go with me sometime??


laura h.

Lyndsay said...


The tears flow. I hope to take our children there soon! What a beautiful gift to go and love the "unloveable".

Holli said...

Ethiopia changed me FOREVER! Korah made me fall more in love with and changed me even more.
Hopefully someday soon I will be back....

and 2 became 5 said...

thank you for letting me "be" a part of this journey through your words. so impactful & so important. you are an advocate, Emily. God certainly made you this way. Keep speaking.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the update.

suzanne said...

i am lifting you up sweet friend. I can only imagine the juggle and the joy yet ache that your heart feels. give that baby boy a big ole smooch right in the mouth from me!

HoodMama said...

Korah sounds like an amazing place. Thank you for keeping us all updated. May we all be wrecked for the Gospel. Thank you for being an example!

Sydney said...

Beautiful update.
I can't imagine...
Still praying for the whole crew, and those traveling home tonight! I can't wait to see all the pics and hear the stories!

Courtney Holder said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. Reading your stories reminds me that what I consider as "struggling" through our adoption process, or struggling with things that in the big sense are not important does not compare to what these precious ones in Ethiopia struggle with to survive.

Kari said...

Emily, I have not shared this yet on my blog but Zoie was born in Korah!!! I wanted your blog readers to know I'm GIVING AWAY a trip to Ethiopia!!!! We only need 10 more Tees to make someone's dream come true... come check it out on my crazy adoption blog!!!
1 Tee = 1 Entry to win!!

Love that you are there ministering to our Korah family!! xoxo

Kari said...

FYI- we will be serving for 4 days at Korah Dump on my missions trip... so if you want to see first hand the work God is doing in Ethiopia and Korah Dump ENTER THE GIVEAWAY TODAY!!

Love you all

Jen said...

I am not even there and I can feel it. Praying everyday for you. If this is not being His hands and feet...I don't know what would be!

missy said...

we pray for korah and our sponsor daughter there. amazing to think that you are there. thank you!!!

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