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Sunday, October 3, 2010

TEAM UPDATE: Kingdom Vision International

Our first full day was spent at Kingdom Vision International, the orphanage where Abe is from. It is very dear to us for obvious reasons. It is now in a different location that is much larger than before. It was great to see Eyob and several of the nannies that were there two years ago. It was joyful and yet heartbreaking at the same time to see some of the older children there still. They so long for a family as they have witnessed most of their friends come and go. One particular sibling group is still there. They have been at KVI since it began over two years ago. H is a 12 year old girl. She is beautiful and smart. Loves to smile, practice her English and clearly has a tender little heart. Her younger brother is most likely 10. He is a charmer and my boys said an excellent soccer player. Eyob said he simply can't understand why they are still there as so many older children have already come and gone. Apparently H, goes into Eyob's office most days to inquire if today is possibly the day a family has requested them. Can you even imagine? Are you their family? I will be happy to share more information if anyone would like...............they are delightful.

On with our day. Immediately we just started playing with the kids, getting our our donations, painting rooms, rocking babies,making crafts and the 3 dentist already here began checking all of the kids teeth. Laurel ran a very fun and educational dental hygiene hut. It made me want to learn how to brush my teeth. Sadly the kids only brush their teeth one day a week. Wednesday. We asked if it would be possible to increase this to several more days and were told it simply wasn't possible. I understand as it is often a process to get my 6 to brush theirs and KVI has 65 kiddos there right now.

I knew that we would most likely be seeing Abe's birthmom again today. I was definitely anxious. We arrived and Eyob said that he thought she was coming though wasn't 100% sure. He tried reaching her but couldn't as the phone number he had wouldn't work. He eventually got another number to try. With each passing hour, I was losing my faith. I was disappointed yet willing to trust that maybe it was best Maybe she wasn't ready. She only recently learned of his brain injury and I assume was still processing her own shattered hopes and dreams for her son.

Eyob walked up to me a while later and said, she is coming. Then the butterflies began to turn in my stomach. I simply wanted her to see Abe has a precious gift, dearly loved by many and a perfect creation. I just didn't know how she would respond. I also prayed that Abe wouldn't cry as he often does to strangers He is such a happy guy 99% of the time, but when he cries, it isn't a whimper. He can carry on for awhile.

Sometimes things go different than we hope, but always according to His plan. So I heard she was there. I walked towards her with Abe in my arms. I was crying, she was crying, Moody was crying and then sweet Abey just couldn't handle the stress. He LOST it. Just couldn't stop crying, which made her cry that much harder. Crying like you can't imagine. I was so broken for her. I didn't know if it was seeing him or seeing him so very different than she imagined, but she was so shaken.

Enter my dear Rainey. She just has a way with timing. As dear D, was sobbing and I was trying to console her, Rainey approached with a letter and gift. Rainey was adopted as an infant. She penned the most eloquent and beautiful letter to her. Eyob translated and we were all deeply moved. She shared of her past, her birthmother's courageous choice, Rainey's life, her happiness with the family He chose for her and how deeply Abe is loved by many. She then gave her a beautiful necklace. It has two small round metal discs- one says Abenezer and the other I carry your heart in my heart. Wow. It was such a moment I will never forget. It also allowed for the emotions to settle down a bit and we sat to visit.

Eventually Abe stopped crying and we were able to share with her a photo album that we made. It showed his joy. His amazing smile. Him working hard in therapy. His new wheelchair and walker. It also contained many family photos of events over the past year. It made her smile to see him so happy, so loved. Everyone kept telling her how happy he is, that he rarely cries and how many came on this very trip as a result of their love for him.

She was told how brave she is, how proud we are of her for finishing her education this past year and just how much we love her for the precious gift of Abe. She thanked us over and over and told us she loved us dearly. Dereje had been translating for us to this point. We were explaining how hard he works in therapy and of the progress he is making. We told her our hopes and dreams for him in the future. She then said something. We turned to Dereje for the reply and he simply couldn't talk. He was completely overcome.

Then his phone rang and in classic Africa fashion, he answered. He proceeded to walk out the front gate. Um, kinda left us hanging here....... :) We grabbed Eyob and had her tell him. So thankful that we didn't let it go. She said that when she found out she was pregnant, it wasn't a good time as she was young and poor. She prayed and prayed. She said that the Lord confirmed in her heart that He would work a miracle in this child and all would be ok. Wow. Tears and more tears.

Abe is a miracle, I believe that with all my heart. It doesn't get me to stop praying for the healing that is possible in this life though for him. Join me in that?


Rachel said...

Wow. It's about the only word I can muster after reading that. So wonderful, so beautiful. Weeping with joy for you.

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Tears of joy and hope! I am so happy you were able to spend time with Abe's birthmom. I can picture your time at KVI so is a wonderful place. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for the update!

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers from the home front. Praying that your family stays healthy and strong. God is so great!

Bunty said...

Praying and praying! Praying and praying!
All my love,

Holli said...

MUCH LOVE TO YOU ONLY 8 HOURS NORTH!!! (come stop here on the way home!!!) :)

Coneymama said...

Oh my goodness...what an amazing story! Tears are streaming down my face right now... I can only assume everyone there was a big puddle! Abey is a miracle....he changed my life and because of him there are 3 other little boys in Africa being cared for.... amazing.

gbeam said...

I love reading of how God is moving in your family's life and how he is using you to reach others. Such an awesome time with Abe's mom that only God could orchestrate. So happy for you and for her. Praying God's blessings on you and everyone else for the rest of the trip.

Gena Beam
Abhram's mom

Sydney said...

Wow, what an amazing update. I am tired of using that word though, because what you so beautifully described from you, and from sweet Rainey, is just beyond what my words can describe.
Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for your entire crew!

Jessica said...

This is Callie's Jessica...I came to your blog to find the prayer schedule for the trip, and now tears are streaming down my face from reading that BEAUTIFUL story! What an incredible day for your family! I know God is doing big things, and I can't wait to hear even more. Praying for your team and for all those you will meet!!

jan said...

i would like to learn more about the boy and girl :) please email when you have a chance:

Amy Richardson said...

Wow! I have tears streaming down my face! Abe is a miracle!! There is so much hope and I know with all my heart that God is going to continue to use him in amazing ways. Continuing to pray for healing and for the rest of the trip!

What an amazing thing Rainey did!! There are no words! God is so good!!

HoodMama said...

God is SO faithful, and good and gracious and merciful!!! I love that you were able to sit down with Abe's birthmom. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ and rainey's gift to her-incredible!

Suzy said...

Praying for all of you Texas-to-Ethiopia servants. For your safety, peace, and courage. Love on those sweet children. God bless you all! Suzy

Anonymous said...

Amazing words, Emily. You don't know me, I'm Kyle's (Ca team) wife. I have been reading about the trip on your blog and I am sitting here completely speechless. It sounds like God is arranging the details of your trip perfectly. I have been praying that every moment is according to His plan and that lives are touched and changed. I am excited to hear how the rest of the trip goes. Melissa

Shannon- said...

wow!! hugs

TJ Wilson said...

Kind of feeling like Dereje... overwhelmed with hearing of God's hand. love you guys -

Erica said...

Oh friend. Ugly cry going on. Absolutely beautiful. Praying for you all. Much love.

Lyndsay said...

God is so good! What else can we say!

Jennifer J said...


A long time reader of your blog. I would love to hear more about H and her brother. We have a 15 yr old boy, almost 8 yr old boy and a 4 year old girl. I completely believe they would thrive in our home. We are soccer fanatics. And my little one would love a big sister. E-mail me at

Jennifer (CA)

Jen Clouse said...

Honored and blessed and CRYING as a result of reading of your joy and delight in Abe and his sweet mother. Oh, what a glorious day! Loved being with your mom and seeing her heart overflow with a desire to know how your day with her had gone. But then the tears really came when I read Jennifer J's response - don't know her but praying for their family and praying that H and her little soccer-loving family would have a forever family like Abe and Esayu. Love that you were a voice for the family-less and voice-less, Em!

da momma said...

Glory to God!
Thank you Jesus, for souls on earth that love you and your people and walk in it everyday!

Kelli Caldwell said...

Tears are streaming and my heart is full of joy and love for what you have done and are doing for so many! Amazed and in awe of how God works thru you, your family, and your friends! Loving getting a glimpse of all you are doing and praying for you all! God's glorious and amazing love shines so brightly in your heart and in your life! ~ Kelli

Corrie said...

Emily, please e-mail me at corriec at y mail dot com in regards to the older children at KVI

missy said...

thank you for sharing this incredible and beautiful experience with us. indeed, abe is such a miracle. i am so glad his birthmom was able to see how god has carried out the words he spoke to her.

Anonymous said...

We are adopting three girls from KVI. Our two oldest are sisters H and Ts and a younger girl aged 8.

Kris Schmid

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