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amazing photographer
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

thank you

I realized that I haven't properly thanked you for praying EthiopiaSmile 2010 there and back!  I know that many of you prayed, had others pray and I can promise you those prayers were felt each and every step of the way.

Only God could take a group of 67 people, many meeting for the very first time in country, and knit our hearts as one.  Unity was incredible.  Transportation was so smooth--- HUGE thank you to Gladney, Genet and the AMAZING drivers that worked so hard that week.  Food was fine great, no major illness, dental days were productive, the hotel perfect for our needs..........just can't adequately put into words the countless ways that He went before us and prepared the way!
I do hope to get others from the team to share their experiences with you- some unbelievable moments for the dentist that just couldn't see the tooth on a child that needed extracting.  She had her headlamp on, but it didn't provide enough light.  She said out loud, "Lord, I can't see this tooth" and seriously (several witnessses to confirm) a ray of light came through the crack in the Korah shelter they were treating and shown DIRECTLY on the very tooth that needed to come out!

We had those moments all the time.  So full of His Presence.

We would appreciate your continued prayers as our team processes all we saw and experienced.  It is hard to know what to do with all of it sometimes.  We would also covet your prayers for the new fundraising effort.  It simply won't happen on our own and I know that He will lead us all each step of the way.  We feel a peace to put one foot in front of the other.........
We can't believe it, but planning for the next trip will begin soon!  Think we need to get over the jet lag first, but we are praying for wisdom and clarity.  We learned so much on this first one and we look forward to going back.  Always ready to go back!! :)


Coneymama said...

It was my honor and joy to pray for you and all the others!! It made me feel just a little bit like I was there, too. WHICH I CAN'T WAIT TO BE!! God is Good!

jan said...

still interested in finding out about the two kids :)

can you email me please ? thanks in advance!!!

Lori said...

AMAZING! I'm dying to get the dates!!! Prices CHEAP right now and will book as soon as I know.

Julie said...

I just love reading about your adventures for God! I'm so thrilled that God is using your family in such an amazing way. I'm thinking/wondering about how we might partner with you in your ministry. And I truly just love that first photo. It displays with perfection the wonderful unique affection among Ethiopians -- hard to comprehend in this country til you've seen it first hand; and also the beauty, both inside and out, of Ethiopian people.

Erica said...

Incredible. Just amazing.

Holli said...

always READY TO GO BACK!!!
continued prayers!!!

Misty said...

i would love to hear all the little stories, like a light coming in and shining right on the tooth? chills! tears! if ya'll do a night where you play the movie or documentary or whatever on the trip please let me know, i want to see and share in that!

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