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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Packing like mad over here at Team Alexander trying to get ready to roll out of here in the morning.  Packing for a team of 8 is no simply task! :)

I wanted to give the schudule for the week so you can pray specifically and have an idea where we are and what we are doing.

EthiopiaSmile 2010
Thursday, September 30 - Friday, October 1Where: Half of our team is traveling and arriving late Friday evening.
Pray: Travel safety and for all supplies to make it through customs.

Saturday, October 2Where: Second half of team traveling and arriving late this evening.
Where: Kingdom Vision International (dentistry, project at an orphanage of 60 children).
Pray: Joyful connection with Abe's birthmother.  She has just recently learned of Abe's brain injury.  Pray she is able to see the incredible joy that he brings many and that he started this whole crazy EthiopiaSmile trip. :)

Sunday, October 3
Where: Worship at Beza International Church and afternoon at Drawn from Water Orphanage, housing 20 children (new Addis Ababa orphanage).
Pray: Open hearts to see God's Kingdom heart among the nations.

Monday, October 4
Where: Dental service at Legetafo, an extremely poor part of the city, serving in a government health post.
Pray: Appropriate treatment space, number of patients, patient flow, safety for providers, healing for patients.

Tuesday, October 5
Where: Dental service at Korah, a city of outcasts foraging in the trash dump.
Pray: Appropriate treatment space, number of patients, patient flow, safety for providers, healing for patients.

Have amazing privilege of doing a TOMS shoe drop for the kids at Korah.  Pray for all the details and that they would each feel loved as they receive a brand new pair of shoes.

Wednesday, October 6
Where: Sabbath rest, shopping, markets, museum, teaching at Addis Ababa University Dental School.
Pray: Rejuvenation, safe travels.  We deliver the formula from  Pray this would greatly bless the many infants there.

Thursday, October 7
Where: Dental service at Kechene (6 dentist) and Kolfe (7 dentists), in government-run orphanages for unlikely adoptees.
Pray: Safe travel and insight to catch larger orphan care vision.

Friday, October 8
Where: Dental service at Luke's Society Clinic and Gadamba. Some team departs for USA late evening.
Pray: Safe return travel and closure of trip connections.

Saturday, October 9
Where: Dental service at Gladney Center (special center caring for adopted children heading to families in USA). Rest of group departs for USA.
Pray: Care for caregivers, blessing to drivers and translators. Safe travel.

The team flys home and we begin our second part of this journey.  We will all drive to Awassa to visit Gorche, the village Eyasu is from.  We will see the family, the very place that Eyasu spent the first 23 months of his life and where we will partner with A Glimmer of Hope to provide clean water and education to the very people that have given us SO much.  

We will be updating the blog as much as possible.  Thank you Tymm and Gwen!  Also see our facebook page, EthiopiaSmile 2010 as prayerfully many from the team will post updates there.


Brooke said...

it was so fun to hang out with your fam for a day. :) prayin for yall these next two weeks. hope you have sweet sleep tonight and smooth travels tomorrow!

Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

Thanks so much for this post of your schedule, and how we can be praying specifically! Wow, I am so moved by all the ways that God is using your team! Teary just thinking about the smiles on their faces when they all get to have some clean teeth, clean new shoes, clean water, etc. So overjoyed for you!

nineshoe said...

How did you arrange the medical mission? My husband is a family practice doctor, and we'd love work in Ethiopia. Our daughter is a nurse practitioner and she would too. Our son is from Hawassa.

Mark and Heidi said...

Good luck with it all. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers!

Erica said...

AMAZING! Praying for you all. What an awesome trip!

We Are Family said...

AWESOME! Go with God. I will be praying!

Holli said...


Jackie said...

Praying for your family and the team going with you. Can't wait to hear all God does!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Praying! Can't wait to hear about. My God bless you with every detail.

kristin @theschellcafe said...

What a joy to pray for you and the entire team on God's mission to Ethiopia. I'm grateful for the schedule. Thank you for including all of us in this amazing journey.

Amy said...

I actually had a dream about everyone leaving on the trip last night! Woke up praying for y'all! Can't wait to hear what God does on this amazing journey!

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Good luck with your amazing trip! If you get this comment, PLEASE give Eyob a hug from Team Marquis- Grace misses her friends at KVI. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. You will all be in my prayers!!!!

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