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amazing photographer
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Friday, September 24, 2010

more of team

Sallie- Where to start?  Sallie is our local Starbucks buddy that has the unbelievable ability to make everyone feel more loved than anyone else in the room.  People LOVE Sallie!  She faithfully prayed for us during our first adoption-- the day after we lost Wudassie and Biruk's referral, I drove through Starbucks for a little pick me up.  She asked how I was,  and I proceeded to burst into tears!  She literally was halfway out the drive-thru window and half-way in my drivers side window offering up the sweetest prayers on our behalf.  She was then standing at DFW when we walked off the plane with sweet baby Abe holding an awesome sign (she is the petite one in gray, holding the sign behind Moody) she and a few other Starbucks employess (Rene is next to Sallie) made.  She has longed to go to Africa.  She has prayed for the opportunity and wanted to go with us from the moment she heard about EthiopiaSmile.  We simpy prayed for a way for her to go!  The Lord graciously provided the way (more in next intro) and we couldn't be more excited to have her along.  She radiates joy.  She has raised so much extra money to simply bless those we meet.  She has been collecting diapers, wipes and formula at the store and the response has been amazing!  I can't wait to see her loving on the kids and making them also feel incredibly loved.

Mim- Mim is what all the grandkids call Janna, Moody's mom.  She expressed interest to go early on as well.  Moody's father already had a big international trip planned during our dates so he couldn't go.  She has done extensive traveling around the world, but knew it would be a good idea to have someone with her as a buddy on this trip to Africa.  She is in amazing shape (seriously if I can have her legs in my 70's!!) but this is a long trip and one filled with many emotions.  She will meet one of her grandson's birthmothers, she will see incredible poverty and she will see where our family's hearts reside.  She loves and feels deeply and I'm excited to see what the Lord has for her on this trip.  Ok, back to the buddy.  Janna is about to hug Moody in the pic above just as we got off the plane with Abe.  Sallie is in the background.  They didn't meet until a few months ago.  At Starbucks! :)

So Sallie is praying for a way to go to Africa.  Janna is also praying for an opportunity to go and would ideally like a buddy to go with her.  It all clicked one day as I was meeting with my dear Mary Lynn on the Starbucks patio.  We were talking about the trip, Sallie came outside and mentioned that she had recently met Moody's parents.  They started stopping at the store after their workouts!  Don't you love that they workout together in the mornings in their late 70's?? So, Sallie is standing here with tears as she longs to go, Sallie loves people better than anyone that I know, Janna wants to go..................a few tears later and conversations with all parties involved and we purchased their tickets! God is good!  Sallie will tell you that if you happen to visit the Starbucks at Bowen and Park Row.  :)

Don't you love thinking about how He orchestrates all the details and brings them together in His perfect timing?? 

Our neighbor across the street is going and she just recently graduated from high school.  Chelsea, thank you for saying yes!  Excited to share all we see with the rest of Mistletoe Ct. 
Chelsea, Mim and Amanda

Amanda is a former patient of Moody's that heard about the trip in his office one day as her little sis is in braces.  Can't wait to serve along side you!

Kendall was my dental hygenist in Dallas a few years back! She is beautiful inside and out.  She has worked tirelessly on the dental protocols and we are beyond blessed she is joining us on this journey!!

Mary H- is friend of Donna and Kendall.  Has a tender spirit and I can't wait to get to know her better as our hearts break for the very things that break His.  She has gathered much humanitarian aid and helped with all of our travel insurance. :)

Bobbie Jo is a local professional photographer and friend!  Love that she is going along.  Love that He will use her gifts in such a tangible way. Terry, thanks for sharing her with us!

Neil and Dana Gamblin- another completely Providencial, "I can't believe they are really going!!" couple.  We have been friends with Neil's parents for years, then got to know them, Dana is an Orthodontist in Colorado and we just LOVE these two.  Our hearts beat on much the same pattern!  They are actually going to Ethiopia a few days early and will help with some of the prep work for the dental sites. This is a huge blessing to us.  They love deeply and will be so much fun to have along.  Their office has collected tons of soccer balls, jump ropes, children's vitamins and onesies!  Can't wait to see you guys in Addis.

To the DD crew! Many prayers for your journey and thankful to have each of you on this team.  Can't wait to serve alongside each of you.

Mary T and sis Elizabeth- what a joy to have you both on this trip.  So thankful for all you have done to prepare. Mary, Moody will most likely continue to defer to you as "Gladney!" Just saying. :)

Kurt Neale- Kurt married Moody and I a few years back. :)  He has a huge heart for missions and is a gifted videographer. We are really thankful how the Lord has weaved this relationship together! He will be with us for the entire trip.  (first week is dental, second we head to Eyasu's village, etc)

Gloria- lastly, but certainly far from least.  Our dear Gloria.  As soon as we committed to take the whole family I began to pray that Gloria would have a desire to go.  Gloria is our angel.  She has been a part of our family since Issy was a baby.  She has always been a blessing as she loves our family well.  Gloria has three adult children of her own.  Her youngest had a traumatic birth and therefore serious brain injury.  Never did we know the impact this would have on our immediate family.

Gloria faithfully followed along as we prepared to adopt from Ethiopia.  She wept for the two children that wouldn't actual come to live here, she prayed us out the door to go get Abe.  She was there when we got home and has been here every step of the way!  She loves Abe with a passion.  And he loves her.  When we qualified for a state program paying for respite care, she transitioned into his care giver.  She is a true gift to us.

She is going to Ethiopia with us.  Said it would be a "trip of a lifetime" and we are thrilled.  Obviously I am thankful for the additional set of hands to help with sweet baby Abe, but I am also thankful that she will see another part of the world, experience with us what has been such a huge part of our every day life for the past several years.

Would you pray for our team?  Would you pray for unity?  I know the enemy would love nothing more than to be divide our team.  We so go in faith that He will provide for each of our every needs- though we need prayer support here.

Next I will share our schedule for the time in Ethiopia so you can pray specifically.  Thank you for "going" with us on this trip.  It is so clearly ordained by Him as so many details that simply shouldn't have worked out, have.............  SOLI DEO GLORIA!


Holli said...

God put families and TEAMS TOGETHER!!!

Have I mentioned I am a little... ok I am A LOT jealous!
-James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another....

Cindy said...


Polly said...

What an amazing gtribute to your team! I wish i'd done something similar to recognize our Bulgaria team members. God bless, we'll be praying for y'all

Sue said...

What a great team! Yay! to Kendall we have kids the same age and i was happy to hear it all from her! Have a great time everyone! It will certainly be a LIFE changing event and trip you will always share together! Cant wait to hear all about it from some of you!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Praying for your team! We are friends of the Hoffmans and have been so inspired by you. Can't wait to follow your journey.

Erica said...

Girlfriend you know I'm praying! Tears welled as I read this post. AMAZING the see God weaving all of the details together. HE is faithful!! AMAZING GOD! Cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. Jealous yes. SUPER excited for you and your family. Much love!!

The H Family said...

Love LOVE to read about the people who will be on this journey with you. You must truly be an amazing family, to have so many wonderful people who want to be part of what you're doing. Prayers will be coming from here...and can't wait to hear about the trip once you are home.

Lyndsay said...

WOW! What an amazing team God has put together. He will use you all to move mountains! Lives will change on both sides of this trip. I'll be praying for you and anxiously awaiting news of our little girl.

Jill Funkhouser said...

Looks so fun! What a great team and we are praying for you all over here at the Funk's!

Kim said...

What a team He has assembled!
Count on our prayers from Hong Kong!
Love & Blessings,

Coneymama said...

Tears flowing...I am so thrilled for you all and cannot wait to make the journey soon myself! I have given Donna a care package for my (Big) baby boy, Tesfaye and provided her with contact information. I hope with all my heart she can meet him and give a hug for me. I am praying and will continue to pray for this journey. God is good.

Misty said...

"and if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?" this song just popped into my head through my (possibly hormonal) tears! :) I LOVE YOU ALEXANDERS (not a hormonal comment lol)i will be praying for you all on this trip! what an amazing story God has woven together!! thank you Emily for sharing in great detail all the cast of characters, and the ins-and-outs! love to see Mim, Gloria, many going with you. just awesome! i'm also thankful we live in such a time with the technology as it is, i know you will be updating us along the way when you can. and in doing so it's like we are "with you"! love it, love you!

Amy said...

I love hearing how God has woven your team together .. and can't wait tosee the fruits from His and your labor.

missy said...

i love "meeting" this team of yours made up of family,friends and comrades. i was esp. touch by mim and sallie being brought together and hearing more about gloria. i didn't put it together until this post that your whole family was going. thank you god for this opportunity! i will be praying for you all.

These Three Kings said...

praying for your trip friend! What amazing providence this all is! To god be the Glory, yes!!

gbeam said...

So excited for your trip and can hardly wait to see what God will do. Hope to someday be able to go with you and take Abrham back too. God bless you and the others richly.

Gena Beam

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