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amazing photographer
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

update #2

The trip continues to go great! Thanks for keeping Emily,
Julie, Kristin and Julie in your prayers. As we speak, they are waking up in "a hotel" in southwest Ethiopia. They left Addis Saturday morning, spent one night in Awassa. Emily says it is a beautiful place right on the water of Lake Awassa. Went on birth family visits with Julie that were amazing. The Glimmer of Hope folks are taking good care of them. Earlier today, they left Awassa, drove through Sodo on their way to Chucha (horrible misspelling!)

Text (yes crazy she can text from there!) responding to question "are you in Chucha yet?"
no, car trouble that ended up being divine appointment with great group of kids!
Can't wait to hear more about that!

Then a couple hours later, this came in:
In Woleta, where Abey is from! My heart is full. Love that sweet boy so.

Communications will be dark until Wednesday morning. These next days they will be traveling in the region seeing various Glimmer of Hope projects and praying through how we may partner with them.

On the home front...

all is well. Yesterday, we spent a great afternoon with other Ethiopian Gladney families! So cool!! Being with so many other families that not only look the same as we do, but more importantly share hearts. The amazing Gladney staff was there too, getting to see some of the precious families they helped unite.

Our oldest, Hill, turned 14 today!! We missed mommy, but he had a fun day. He is becoming a kind hearted, strong young man that we are very proud of. Had friends and neighbors over to celebrate with swimming and pizza. Nothing beats watching Eyasu swimming with and being loved on by a bunch of teenage boys!

also had a baseball tournament today...everyone looks pretty good huh for not having a mom around ?


Heather said...

Our Mimi is from Wolayta too! I cannot wait to hear all about Emily's trip when she returns. Thanks for posting updates!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Hill!

Shannon and Brett Hilliard said...

Good job, Mood. Kids don't look hungry or bloody. That's a good sign. Praying for you (oh yeah...and Em)

Jen said...

Moody, they look great for not having Mom around:) I can't wait to hear all of Emily's stories. Just knowing that she is near or in Bella and Eyasu's home makes my heart so full-a world away. Happy Birthday Hill! As little as I know you..I do know what a beautiful and sweet young man you are. Prayers flooding your and Emily's way.

J Gutwein said...

Ahh.. The look great. Sounds like Emily's trip is great. Love, J

We Are Family said...

Great update! Fun stuff!

Kat said...

So glad to hear they are doing so awesome!

The kids are dressed so you get a HUGE brownie point!!! ;)

Kim said...

Thanks for the update Moody! Everyone looks great. Happy birthday Hill! Cannot wait to hear all about Emily's update.
Praying from Hong Kong,

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Yeah! I am so happy the trip is going well. I can't wait to be in touch with Emily when she gets back. We leave for Ethiopia next week - our little girl is from Woleta too!!! I hope Emily can share info with me! I'll keep praying for Emily and the gang...
Thanks for the update.

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