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amazing photographer
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last update!

The kids and I will head out to the airport this afternoon (Friday the 18th) to bring home mommy...all will be good in the world:-)

The last days back in Addis were filled with friends from Gladney and seeing another very large water project a Glimmer of Hope is involved with. This one is only 45 minutes or so outside of Addis so it will be one we will visit again. She also spent some time preparing for October mission trip, meeting with a dear saint in charge of TOMS Ethiopia. We even had a skype/conference call with some Ethiopian friends (one of whom is a dentist), making plans for the October trip.

Without a doubt, Emily has seen God work during this trip in ways beyond what she expected. Isn't that how He always works? Her heart has been even more connected to this beautiful country and its people. Her awareness of God's call to love and care for the poor and needy has been heightened. She has seen children living in unbelievable circumstances which will no doubt change the way she mothers our kids. The question of "what are we doing about it?" has penetrated even deeper.

Thank you for praying!! These days has gone fast. Loved hanging out with my GREAT kids! Abe has been a rock star sleeper! (Em, it was three droppers of melatonin, right??)

Appreciate all the encouragements. Emily will fill in the multiple gaps over the next days as she processes it all and gets back to reality.


Erica said...

Cannot wait to hear. :)

We Are Family said...

YAY! This is exciting. I guess I can relate because I have been in her shoes. This has been fun keeping track through your posts. I can't wait to return to Ethiopia!

'becca said...

What a wonderful picture to see of Abe when I checked in to see how things were going in TX & ET. As I was on a run this morning your family and the girls traveling were on my heart and in my meditative (foot after foot on the pavement) prayers.
Happy afternoon as a family!

Heather said...

CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR more from Emily! Thanks for the update Moody!

Jen said...

I think Dad may be the Rock Star:) i can't wait to grab a cup of coffee and the phone and sit and listen... to it all. Have a lovely Father's Day surrounded by that beautiful family.

Kim said...

Cannot wait to see the reunion pics and hear all about all that God has laid on Emily's heart!
Hoping Abe's new rockstar sleeping status continues with Mom back home!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Julie said...

Emily, Meeting you in Addis was one of the special treats of our trip. You are like a hero to me. I've read your blog from the beginning of our journey and have been so inspired by God's work in your life and family. God's blessings on you! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

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