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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Let them praise His name with dancing.........Psalm 149:3
Avery had her dance recital today! Her studio only does big recitals every other year so it is a big deal. We were so proud of her as she has worked very hard. She did amazing! Way to go. :) (thank you to neighbor Chelsea for taking the pics!!)
My beautiful dancer
Big congrats from Mim and Daddy Wick
Abe with a big kiss from his sissy


Beautiful Mess said...

Love these pics...especially Abe's kiss :)

My Crazy Adoption said...

Avery you look sooo beautiful...the pics are stunning of the whole fam! Em,Wish like crazy I was going with you & Juju to ET! Love you and your amazing crazy passion for life!


Anonymous said...

Great family picture! And does Abe ever NOT look happy??

Heather said...

So precious! Yay Avery! I bet you are a beautiful dancer! Darling family pic!

Praying for your trip to ET, Emily!

Kim said...

Those photos speak volumes Em.
Really beautiful.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
P.S. Have your ears been burning today? Team Miller & Team Hilliard were at lunch after church today talking about Team Alexander. Oh how I'd love to crash your get together this summer! :o)

annie said...

How wonderful! Avery is beautiful. My daughter dances, too. We do recitals EVERY year; I think every two years would be nice!

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