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amazing photographer
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Days 1-2 *edit, Fistula video added*

I am ready to start plugging along and process the trip! I will use some excerpts from my journal, pics and thoughts as they come to me.

I will begin with the night before I left. I don't think that I have ever been under such spiritual attack- my body and mind were both hurting. I sat on the back porch, sobbing, as my sweet hubby just held me and told me that I could do this and they would be fine! It was just the craziest thing as I had been nothing but excited to go and had a real peace about leaving Moody and the kids. Bam, out of nowhere, fear, anxiety and a very upset tummy were upon me. We prayed and called on some dear friends to pray. My sister said, " the Lord must have something pretty incredible for you there or the enemy wouldn't be wasting his time!" Oh, how I think those words were true.

Come to find out, the war wasn't just being waged on me, but he was attempting the very same schemes with the other 3 women going with me. I recently heard a pastor say that the enemy is not creative in his tactics and I guess this was true here as we all had the same physical and mental attacks. The good news--- He reigns victorious and He allowed each of us to walk on that plane in the full confidence that we were exactly where He called us at that moment and we couldn't wait to get to Ethiopia for Him to reveal His plans to us.

"As I sit on the plane about to take off from Amsterdam to Addis, I'm reminded of the Lord's amazing faithfulness. Leaving was so much harder than I ever anticipated yet God is good. He reigns victorious over all, He has total authority over darkness and will provide for every need that we have along the way!

I just know that so much awaits us there, so much of Him, and what He desires for us to do in Ethiopia in the future."

Arriving at Bole felt like coming home. I love that about Ethiopia. All of the different smells and sounds, and yet it feels so comfortable.

We were staying the first two nights at the Sheraton. As we were checking in we ran into Scott Harrison of Charity:Water. He may have been a bit startled as we may have looked a tad star struck. Prayerfully he quickly realized that we were safe as he was also there with A Glimmer of Hope, only he was going North and we were headed South. Glimmer actually builds all of the wells for Charity:Water. They have an amazing partnership and are bringing clean water to thousand and thousands of Ethiopians.

Julie, me, Kristin and Julie- incredible travel buddies
our sweet friend Milliard, met first in August '08
me and Travis
Jana, Joanna and Kristin

After one incredible nights sleep, we woke up to our first full day in Ethiopia. Julie, Julie and Kristin were going to visit the Fistula Hospital (**see video below**) and I was going to work on some logistics for our trip in October. I hated to miss that experience, but my time in Addis was so limited that I needed to get this done. Gladney provided me with a driver and off we went!!! We stopped by a few hotels and guest homes to determine the best place for our team to stay. It was very productive.

I then headed out to Ayat to see some friends that are on staff with Gladney. We met at Hill Bottom for lunch and then visited a few of the care centers! I loved seeing the kids.

We met up again with Travis, Joanna and Jana at Castelli's for a great dinner! Back to the hotel for bed and the next morning we would start our trek down South.

I just got the codes from Kristin for the Fistula Hospital video. Please watch! Incredible ministry for woman suffering from the tragic result of lack of medical care while delivering their babies. They bring such hope and dignity to them. Kristin has such a gift.


Heather said...

SCOTT HARRISON!!! ROCK STAR! I think I would have flipped! ha!

So glad to hear more about your trip! Can't wait to hear more and more! I'm on the edge of my seat.....

Rebecca said...

I love hearing of your adventures in Ethiopia! Reading about it makes my heart long to go there again even more. Love the work that you're doing with Glimmer of Hope!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so moved by your experiences. What you are doing is amazing. Lots of love, mel

Kim said...

Cannot wait for more!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

The Albertsons said...

beautiful. so amazing. i can't wait for zach to be finished with school and we can come with you someday :).

lindsey deyoung said...

I JUST yesterday watched a documentary about a Fistula hospital in Addis (maybe the same one???) on Netflix. For anyone who doesn't know about what the fistula hospital does please watch it!! Its called 'A walk to Beautiful.' I was unaware that this was an issue, and my eyes were opened wide after watching the documentary.

Kristi J said...

oh, i toured the fistula hospital on my trip too...Can't forget those images...such a BEAUTIFUL place though...gorgeous grounds!! Cant' wait to hear more, kj

Lori said...

My heart swells each time I get a glimpse of your trip, a glimpse of those I love and miss so desperately, even those whose faces I don't know but feel like they are my brother or sister. What makes us feel so lonely in a country where we are supposed to belong? Ahhh, I guess it's one of the ways the Lord keeps us planted with only one foot here and the other foot readied to step into our eternal home or where He would lead here on earth. Tell me you were able to visit the fistula hospital or Dr. Hamlin. It is one of the most amazing places. If you haven't, check out her book Hospital by the River or the next book about her work, Catherine's Dream. Waiting with bated breath for the next ET posting...Lori

Kari said...

I can't believe I will be there in 17 days... we just received our confirmation from Feven:)) Thank you for sharing your heart and journal! I cant wait to read more!!

Tracy said...

Love reading all about it! For sure when you're attacked you can know you're on the right path! Keep it coming! much love!

Cindy said...


HoodMama said...

Yea! Such an amazing trip and love reading about it all! Can't wait to see and hear the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful post. Loved that video, just amazing. It's so obvious the Lord's hand right all over your trip- it's such a testimony of His great faithfulness and love to His chidren. Love that!

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